Cum arata esarfa care impiedica recunoasterea faciala

HyperFace a fost dezvoltat pentru laboratoarele Hyphen NeuroSpeculative AfroFeminism si reprezinta o explorare transmedia a femeilor de culoare si rolurile pe care le joaca in tehnologie, societate si cultura, inclusiv produse speculative, experiente imersive si cercetare neurocognitiva.

esarfa camuflare hyperface

Folosind moda, cosmetica si economia frumusetii ca puncte de intrare, proiectul trateaza problemele de confidentialitate, transparenta, identitate si perceptie.

Astfel ca, HyperFace confectioneaza esarfa care impiedica recunoasserea faciala de catre computerele special realizate in acest scop.

As I’ve looked at in an earlier project, you can change the way you appear, but, in camouflage you can think of the figure and the ground relationship. There’s also an opportunity to modify the ‘ground’, the things that appear next to you, around you, and that can also modify the computer vision confidence score.

Harvey’s Hyperface project aims to do just that, he says, overloading an algorithm with what it wants, oversaturating an area with faces to divert the gaze of the computer vision algorithm.

Practic intreg proiectul Hyperface presupune imprimarea unor modele, pe textile sau piese vestimentare, special create pentru a induce in eroare softurile de recunostere faciala.

modele esarfa recunoastere faciala


Hyperface presupune anumite tipare de imprimeuri care pot fi interpretate de software ca parti ale fetei umane, cum ar fi fi gura, ochi si altele.

“A lot of other researchers are looking at how to take that very small data and turn it into insights that can be used for marketing,” Harvey said. “What all this reminds me of is Francis Galton and eugenics. The real criminal, in these cases, are people who are perpetrating this idea, not the people who are being looked at.”

Laboratoarele Harvey si Hyphen planuiesc sa dezvaluie tot despre acest proiect luna aceasta.