MacBook si iMac – primele review-uri ale noilor modele


Luni compania Apple a lansat multiple modele actualizate ale iMac si MacBook, insa pentru toate dintre ele vorbim doar despre actualizari ale componentelor interne si nimic altceva substantial. Mai exact, compania Apple a implementat noile procesoare Intel Kaby Lake si SSD-uri mai rapide, insa nu a implementat schimbari de design sau alte imbunatatiri fizice.

Pentru ca a lansat produse noi, compania Apple le-a si oferit jurnalistilor americani o parte dintre aceste noi modele ale MacBook si iMac pentru review-uri, iar parerile au fost pe masura actualizarilor. Jurnalistii n-au prea fost impresionati de noile versiuni ale produselor Apple, spunand doar ca acestea sunt mai rapide decat modelele anterioare, dar nimic mai mult.

Exceptia de la regula sunt noile modele ale MacBook 12 inch, unde Apple a implementat si noul mecanism de functionare al tastaturii, regasit in MacBook Pro 2016. Aici reviewerii au apreciat modul in care functioneaza tastatura in timpul utilizarii, insa in rest n-au existat comentarii pozitive pentru altceva deoarece nu a existat altceva de apreciat.

MacBook si iMac – primele review-uri ale noilor modele

MacBook 12 inch 2017 review

Iata ce pareri au avut jurnalistii americani despre noile modele ale iMac si MacBook lansate de catre compania Apple in cursul zilei de luni.

MacBook 12 inch


“Now the 12-inch MacBook has adopted that improved second-gen butterfly mechanism from the Pro line. Even using it in just a few initial typing sessions, I can totally tell the difference — there’s a click and spring to the keyboard that was lacking before. As someone who has typed hundreds of thousands of words across both previous generations of the 12-inch MacBook, I’m very pleasantly surprised by how good this keyboard feels. The improved keyboard and the faster CPU options feel like a real step forward, although the system is still not quite as updated as we’d like. “

The Verge

“The big question a lot of people are asking is whether the little MacBook is finally over that power hump that’s kept users from switching over to it. I sadly cannot answer that for you, but my hunch is that the basic calculus isn’t going to change. If you need speed, get a MacBook Pro or a Windows PC or maybe even a MacBook Air.”

iMac 21.5 inch si 27 inch


“Really, it’s only mainstream consumers and creative types with more-limited needs (or means) who can safely buy an all-in-one now. But for their purposes, I have no doubt that the iMac offers more generous specs than before for the money.”

The Verge

“That said, editing photos on this computer was a joy. The processing speed and accurate colors also helped, making it a fun experience. Seeing the changes happen almost instantaneously helped accelerate the editing process, but it also just made me experiment with photos more, which for a creative type does make a difference. It’s worth nothing I haven’t calibrated the monitor and have used the default color space “iMac,” which I’m assuming most of you will use anyway, and you won’t regret it.”


“What matters is day-to-day performance on critical tasks in demanding apps like Photoshop, AutoCAD, and Strata 3D. Based on the numbers I saw and even my minute-to-minute experiences with the 27-inch iMac, I’d say it will handle all those jobs with ease. I did a bunch of other, more mundane tasks on the system, like Safari browsing, email, photo manipulation, and uploading. There were no issues and everything worked as it did before.”