Prima Pagina HomePod HomePod: Review-urile Lauda Calitatea Audio, Siri e o Dezamagire

HomePod: Review-urile Lauda Calitatea Audio, Siri e o Dezamagire

HomePod are primele review-uri publicate de catre jurnalistii care au testat boxa inteligenta, ea fiind laudata pe de o parte si criticata pe alta.

HomePod review Apple Siri

HomePod va fi lansata vineri de catre compania Apple pe pietele din cateva tari de pe glob, insa astazi au aparut pe internet primele review-uri facute de catre jurnalisti. Majoritatea acestora lauda fara restrictii calitatea audio a boxei HomePod a companiei Apple, insa foarte multa dezamagire este exprimata in legatura cu asistentul Siri.

Multi dintre revieweri au afirmat ca, din cauza Siri, HomePod nu este chiar atat de inteligenta precum boxele competitoare de la Amazon, sau compania Google. Din pacate, se pare ca asistentul personal Siri nu pare sa fie deocamdata pregatit pentru a fi integrat intr-o boxa inteligenta, compania Apple avand in continuare multe de oferit pentru el.

Partea buna este ca HomePod ofera calitate audio superioara unor boxe inteligente care costa mult mai mult, acesta avantaj fiind unul foarte important pentru produsul Apple. Totusi, avantajul calitatii audio nu compenseaza, pentru multi, lipsa unor functii inteligente din partea asistentului personal Siri, asa ca va fi interesant de vazut cum vor evolua lucrurile.


“Siri is behind Alexa and Google Assistant. Apple’s voice AI can’t tell jokes, play games or turn on an Apple TV — or your favorite Netflix show. It doesn’t support making direct calls (you have to transfer it from your phone to the HomePod) or calendar appointments and forget about using it with Android devices. We’re also waiting for two upcoming but not-yet-released HomePod features: stereo and AirPlay 2 multiroom audio […]

Apple is still behind Amazon and Google in terms of third-party integrations. But since HomeKit lives natively in iOS via the Home app, it’s more seamless to operate than competing speakers. There’s no need to enable skills or actions with HomeKit on the HomePod since everything automatically migrates over from your existing HomeKit setup and new smart devices are simply scanned in with a unique code […]

For a compact speaker, the HomePod offers big sound, and in testing I found it pretty much unflappable no matter what kind of music I threw its way. It’s hard to say that about many speakers, regardless of size. From dance pop to guitar rock to orchestral pieces, the HomePod sounded excellent. It’s not a stereo speaker by any stretch — you’d get more “presence” or “you are there-ness” from a set of stereo speakers. But the HomePod is a solid performer you can plonk in your kitchen without having to worry that it might distort at high volume.

The HomePod’s uniform sound across so many different types of music separates it from its two main competitors, the Google Home Max and the Sonos One. Most of the time in our tests at CNET’s Smart Apartment, the Max and the HomePod sounded similar, with both exhibiting a relatively open sound and good extension, while the less-expensive Sonos One sounded slightly more distant.

One of the tracks that created some separation among the three speakers was “Yulunga (Spirit Dance)” by Dead Can Dance. It’s the kind of song made for the HomePod — the combination of airy vocals, deep booming notes and crisp percussion brought out the best in Apple’s speaker. The HomePod made the song come to life from its droning beginning, into the palatial vocal line and beyond.”

The Independent

“This is blissfully simple, better than on rival smart speakers and, frankly, most consumer electronics in general. Anyone who’s used Apple’s AirPods wireless headphones knows that just bringing the headphones near to your iPhone is enough to connect the two. Here, when you first plug the speaker in, you hold an iPhone, iPad or iPod touch that’s running the latest version of software (iOS 11.2.5) next to it and, well, that’s it.

It will transfer your Apple ID to the speaker, along with elements such as naming the room you’re going to place it in. If you’ve already set up the Home app on your iPhone, for instance, and have named rooms there, these appear as options for you to choose from.

The audio quality is way better than any other smart speaker I’ve heard, including the Sonos One and Google Home Max (a big, music-oriented speaker not yet on sale in the UK). What’s more, it sounds absolutely as good as, or better than, many decent stereo speaker setups. The wide sound stage and deep fidelity to the music means it has outshone some pretty full-on hi-fi systems I’ve heard. Nothing on the HomePod is muddy, every element is sharp and realised.

All from a single, pretty-small speaker. There’s plenty of bass: the woofer inside shifts a lot of air (and can move up to 20mm, Apple says) and sounds solid and strong. But vocals are also super-clear: rich, bright and detailed […]

HomePod is a gentle improvement on the things Siri could do already and which other smart speakers do. Apart from one thing: the hi-fi playback, which is a giant leap forward. If you’re an Apple Music subscriber, this is easily the most attractive option, in every way. Even if you’re not, there’s still much to enjoy. Above all, the HomePod creates music which has great, unmissable presence, a rich tone and a wide, impressive soundstage.”

The Loop

“Kate Bergeron, Apple’s Vice President, Hardware Engineering, said the HomePod project started six years ago—that gives an idea of how long Apple has been testing and working on that particular product. “HomePod started by us asking a question: What would it mean if we decided to design a loud speaker where we could put it in any room, and that room wouldn’t affect the sound quality,” said Bergeron […]

“We think we’ve built up the biggest acoustics and audio team on the planet,” said Gary Geaves, Apple’s Senior Director, Audio Design and Engineering. “We’ve drawn on many of the elite audio brands and universities to build a team that’s fantastic. The reason we wanted to build that team was certainly for HomePod, but to also to double-down on audio across all of Apple’s products.” […]

The audio team also has some of the best gear in the world to work with. Apple built an anechoic chamber specifically to build and test HomePod. The chamber is non-reflective and echo free, so it is a perfect environment for testing audio.

Apple’s anechoic chamber is a room, built within another room and set on isolating springs so vibrations from the outside are kept out of the testing environment. It’s also one of the largest anechoic chambers in the United States […] “We went out to hundreds of employees rooms and took thousands of measurements in each room,” Geaves. “That allowed us to characterize each of those acoustic spaces and come up with an average for all of those rooms in terms of reverberation.””


“Apple’s HomePod is easily the best sounding mainstream smart speaker ever. It’s got better separation and bass response than anything else in its size and boasts a nuance and subtlety of sound that pays off the 7 years Apple has been working on it.

As a smart speaker, it offers best-in-class voice recognition, vastly outstripping the ability of other smart speakers to hear you trying to trigger a command at a distance or while music is playing, but its overall flexibility is stymied by the limited command sets that the Siri protocol offers.

Buy a HomePod if you already have Apple Music or you want to have it and you’re in the market for a single incredibly over-designed and radically impressive speaker that will give you really great sound with basically no tuning, fussing, measuring or tweaking. In an apartment, the HomePod could not be louder and more room filling. But at home, in a 20×30 great room with carpet on the floor, I did find myself wishing for it to be louder […]

It really kicked ass in live performances, where it felt that the vocals were sitting out in the air between you and HomePod, no matter where you were standing, and the applause and high hats were coming from some place above and behind the speaker — being projected outwards and around. It’s one of the most three dimensional sounds I’ve heard from any music setup and absolutely the deepest stage from a “single speaker”.

It’s, unfortunately, one of those things where words will fail to do it justice. Suffice to say that the HomePod is the most sophisticated and acoustically interesting of the speakers, but definitely not the most bombastic.”

The Verge

“It creates a virtual array of soundbeams using that seven-tweeter array. Placed near a wall, the HomePod creates three beams: one pointed out the front for “direct” sounds like vocals and guitars, and two pointed at the wall to reflect “ambient” sounds like applause and room noises. This is called “beamforming,” and it’s a nifty, complicated idea; Apple told me it has something like 200 patents for the HomePod.

So the HomePod is using all seven physical speakers to create an array of virtual speakers and assigning those virtual speakers different parts of the music for increased clarity and bass. It’s not trying to create wide stereo separation — later this year, you’ll be able to pair two HomePods for that — it’s just trying to get as much from the audio you’re playing as possible, while eliminating the effects of the room you’re in.

To figure out what to play on those direct and ambient soundbeams, the HomePod compares the left and right channels of the song and figures out what sounds are mixed more prominently and what sounds are mixed into the background. Prominent sounds are sent to the direct soundbeam, and background sounds are sent to the ambient soundbeams. Apple told me the process is similar to what surround sound systems have long done to upmix stereo audio so it plays on all your speakers, but it’s a very different application of that basic idea [but …] While it’s true that the HomePod sounds incredible — it sounds far better than any other speaker in its price range — it also demands that you live entirely inside Apple’s ecosystem in a way that even Apple’s other products do not […]

I started thinking of the HomePod as “lonely.” It feels like it was designed for a very demanding person to use while living alone entirely inside Apple’s ecosystem. It’s tied more closely to a single iPhone and iCloud account than any other smart speaker, and Siri has none of the capability or vibrancy of what’s happening with Alexa. Apple can try to move mountains by itself, or it can recognize that the HomePod is a little iOS computer for the home and let developers build on it as they have for so long and with such great success with the iPhone, iPad, and Mac.”

What HiFi

“Having started with an entirely clean slate and apparently worked on concepts for years (HomePod has been in development since 2012), Apple eventually settled on having the tweeters at the bottom and the woofer at the top – the exact opposite of the arrangement found in most traditional speakers.

The tweeters fire outwards and are slightly angled upwards, with the intention of not bouncing sound off the surface upon which the HomePod is placed. By avoiding these reflections, Apple can exert greater control over the treble’s behaviour.

There are seven tweeters in total, evenly spaced around the base of the unit. The woofer is close to the top and fires upwards, reflecting mid and bass frequencies off the bottom of that glossy panel so they are distributed equally around the device. It’s an energetic driver too, capable of moving a full 20mm from peak-to-peak, which is extraordinary excursion for a compact driver in a dinky wireless speaker […] The HomePod has a good grasp of the intentions of a track. At no point in our test do we play a single track that was anything other than absolutely correct.

That’s not to say we’re talking about a perfect delivery, but the HomePod is great at honing in on and delivering the essence of everything you play through it, from Bach to Band of Horses, Bonobo to Bob Marley, The Notorious B.I.G. to Bullet for My Valentine […]

You can revel in bass that’s superbly deep for a little speaker. It is also tuneful, energetic and punchy, putting to rest any fears the HomePod might be a little too Beats-like […] At the other end of the frequency range, the expertly judged treble delivers the snap and detail of the high hat without ever sounding bright or aggressive […]

At the most congested points, the HomePod becomes just a little muddled and some rivals (such as the Ultimate Ears Megablast) offer a little more clarity in their organisation. But for scale, authority, drive and excitement, the Apple speaker is just superb.”


“With the Apple HomePod, the cotton that has been in our ears since the arrival of the first smart speaker has been removed. The HomePod sounds far better than the popular smart speakers from Amazon, Google—and even Sonos […]

“Hey Siri, play ‘Tusk’ by Fleetwood Mac.” About 2 minutes into the song, you can hear everything Apple engineered the HomePod to be. The horns surge, the tom-toms thunder, the guitar and bass keep pounding, yet I can also hear distinct band members yelling “Tusk.” I could hear it all while walking around the speaker at my kitchen island […] There’s a but: Apple’s tuning of the bass. The HomePod’s bass is impressive for the size of the speaker, but in many songs, it’s far too front-and-center in the mix. If we can trim the bass and treble in our cars, why not on your speaker, Apple? […]

But Alexa and Google Assistant not only knew more answers, they could better parse my questions. When I asked, “Who is the prime minister of England?” they both correctly named Theresa May. On the HomePod, Siri only knew the answer when I asked, more appropriately, “Who is the prime minister of Great Britain?”

There are other problems I won’t shut up about: Many people will put a HomePod in the kitchen, yet it can’t set two simultaneous cooking timers. It can’t wake me up to “Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go,” either. Echo and Google Home can do both. Apple says it is improving Siri all the time […]

It really comes down to what you want your speaker to do. If you want the smartest smart speaker, this isn’t it. But if you prize music above everything else, the HomePod isn’t a dumb choice.”

  • Aurelian

    Am făcut și eu câteva review-uri pe YouTube. Mai uitam la cel făcut de iJustine. Siri este o bătaie de joc. Asta nu este un asistent virtual inteligent, este doar un papagal virtual, atât.

  • Viorel Predatorul

    Pacat de siri… Primul asistent virtual, si degeaba, că a fost depășită de toți .
    O fi blondă Siri :)))

  • ionion

    Cred ca principalul atu al unei boxe “inteligente” ar trebui sa fie chiar inteligenta si nu calitatea audio , care oricum e un fel de compromis , datorita formei, marimii, etc.
    Daca boxa nu ofera AI corespunzator , boxa e un fail pt categoria in care este incadrata , plus ca Apple nu are cine stie ce environment cu smart home sau smart things , internet of things.
    Deci o boxa ,ca sa asculti Apple Music ca la un fel de radio mono ?

  • petru

    Dupa cum am spus detin acea boxa si este o mizerie imi pare rau de apple dar strica rau treburile si apropo sunt fan apple

  • petru

    Si nu sunt bogat doar ca imi pla produsele apple

  • Srb Srb


  • Srb Srb

    un om fara perspectiva asa gandeste ca tine
    Principalul atu al unei boxe inteligente trebuie sa fie hardware pt ca acela nu poate fi upgradat ulterior pe cand Siri poate prin software update
    Incerci tu, dar nu ai inteligenta necesara

  • Srb Srb

    Este bine ca are calitatea f buna, pana la urma hardware trebuie sa fie f bun, Siri sunt sigur ca ii vor face update dupa WWDC

  • Srb Srb

    “he HomePod sounds far better than the popular smart speakers from Amazon, Google—and even Sonos”
    asta asa pt ala ce “cica are sonos” zice ca homepod face poc poc…deci sonosul lui face boom boom atunci

  • petru

    Nu cand o sa ai asa ceva atunci sa vorbesti are sunet prost nu ma intelege nu isi da seama cand mut boxa deci Dezamagitor rauu si multe altele

  • Srb Srb

    m-am uitat si eu putin la acela…dar acolo pare totul in regula…ai vazut tu altul in care arata cat de slab e siri pt homePOD?

  • Srb Srb

    esti fan apple cum sunt eu fan dacia, si nu prea ai boxe…sau te referi la boxa samsung ce nu a aparut inca

  • petru

    Daca tu crezi ca pot vorbi cu cineva ca tine te inseli esti pera mare b

  • Srb Srb

    mai intai invata sa vorbesti gramatical, dupa care , invata sa nu minti

  • Aurelian

    Nu neaparat SIRI este slab, doar ca este limitat. Și nu ma refer doar la HomePod, ci in general, la cum funcționează pe iOS. Executa bine câteva comenzi și atât, dar nu are inteligenta artificiala cum are Google Assistant de exemplu. Adică sa poți purta o conversație, sa îți completeze frazele…

  • Srb Srb

    aa, eu ma refeream la asa Siri in rest da, este sub google clar…

  • ionion

    Mda , se pare ca fanii Apple de genul tau sunt la fel de dumb ca si Siri din HomePod .
    Bine spunea unul acolo – boxa e sa o pui in bucatarie, altfel nu e mai buna ca un set de stereo speakers ordinare.
    Un produs mediocru si in domeniu smart si in domeniul audio. Si neterminat – inca nu poate functiona stereo nici cu doua boxe. Ca si AirPods care aveau problem cu sincronizarea sunetului pe canale.

  • Srb Srb

    cand vezi ca esti depasit de situatia logicii…incepi cu aberatii…
    Airpods nu are probleme cu sincronizare, stim ca vrei sa minti, airpods este un fenomen si se vinde si a devenit in 1 an cel mai vandut si popular produs din categoria sa….samsung nu a reusit asa ceva cu nimic, din cauza asta te simti si castrat

  • Dan Mihai

    Eu nu inteleg cine are nevoie de un “asistent virtual”? Adica, ce poti sa faci cu el mai mult decat sa-i pui alarma si sa-l pui de 2 ori sa-ti zica bancuri. Acum serios, poate n-am eu viziune, dar mie Alexa, Siri si Google Assistant mi se par niste incercari disperate de-a aduce in casele oamenilor tele-ecranul care te spiona, din cartea 1984. E un pic infricosator.

  • Aurelian

    Se vede ca duci lipsa de imaginație. Un bun asistent virtual îl poți folosi de exemplu in mașina, mai ales acum ca devine interzisă inclusiv atingerea unui telefon, in multe țări. Îl poți folosi sa trimiți mesaje și mail-uri, să-ți citească notificările, știrile, ceri informații despre vreme și trafic, cauți o adresa, un restaurant, un magazin, folosești navigația, apeluri telefonice…și multe altele.

  • Aurelian

    Pentru ca este obligat sa prezinte sursa atunci când articolul nu a fost “compus” in totalitate de el.

  • Dan Mihai

    Ce-ai insirat tu, nu e imaginatie, pur si simplu imi repeti reclamele pe care le-ai vazut la Apple sau Amazon. Dar, daca stai sa te gandesti, majoritatea exemplelor pe care le-ai insirat sunt lucruri de care lumea NU are nevoie si mai ales, le-ar face de 10 ori mai bine singura. A devenit ilegala atingerea telefonului in masina doar in Franta. Pentru tine asta inseamna multe tari? 😂 Bun, hai sa zicem ca in masina ar fi util, la ce? La a citi sms-uri. La a citi stiri? Aici deja poti porni un radio, lol!? Iti trebuie vreme? Uita-te pe geam. Vrei trafic, iti spune gps-ul sau poti iar sa te uiti pe geam. Ia zi de cate ori ai intrebat-o pe Siri stirile sau informatii din trafic? Cand cauti un restaurant, te bazezi pe ce-ti zice Siri sau cauti si niste review-uri sau poze postate de oameni pentru a te convinge? Come on, gandeste-te, nu-mi reproduce ce ti-a zis Apple. Daca mi-ai fi zis HomeKit, poate ti-as fi dat dreptate. Sa zicem ca acolo ar fi oarecum util, dar totusi, nu cred ca produse ca HomePod au atat de multa utilitate incat sa dea nastere unei noi clase de produse. Si cred ca Apple, Amazon si Google stiu asta si le folosesc pentru a-si invata AI-ul text recognition.

  • Srb Srb

    referitor la asistentul virtual in masina…
    Mercedes deja a dat tonul incepand din Martie…pana in 2020 vor fi pe 80% din masinile lor

  • Dan Mihai

    In plus, avem Siri pe iPhone de cati ani deja? Si lumea-l foloseste doar pentru a-si seta alarme si a intreba vremea. Daca-l foloseste…Si acum, avem Siri intr-o cutie buna de pus acasa. Serios, cine cere produsul asta?

  • Srb Srb

    Siri mai nou se foloseste mult mai des pt homeKIT…pana si romani ca mine il foloseste, intr-adevar momentan trebuie sa ai apple tv 4 (parca are suport si AT3)sau homePOD mai nou

  • Srb Srb

    Un produs ce va mai aduce cateva milioane de utilizatori noi in Apple Music

  • Aurelian

    Folosirea telefonului a devenit ilegală aproape in toate țările din Europa. Dacă tu nu ieși din satul tău ca sa mai afli noutățile, nu este vina mea. Eu nu reped reclamele Apple sau Amazon pentru ca in mașina nu am folosit asistenții lor virtuali, eu am folosit doar Google Assistant. Sa te uiți pe geam sa vezi vremea și traficul?! Deja nici nu mai continui discuția pentru ca prin acest comentariu mi-ai demonstrat cat de limitat și depășit tehnologic ești.

  • Dan Mihai

    Da, dupa cum am spus, vad oarecum unele aplicatii in HomeKit. Dar sunt ele destule pentru a crea o noua categorie de produse?

  • Srb Srb
  • Srb Srb

    nu stiu, dar homeKIT alaturi de apple tv4 nu as putea trai acuma…sa pot porni totul cu 20 min inainte sa ajung acasa, mai ales iarna si vara AC
    E aceeasi senzatie ca la masini, cum nu as mai reveni la AC manual sau geamuri cu manete..nimic nu este must have precum apa hrana oxigen, dar dupa ce folosesti cateva luni de zile….nope, never go back

  • Dan Mihai

    Are rost apple tv in Romania?

  • Srb Srb

    pt homeKIT si alte lucruri legate de macos/ios da, altfel, categoric nu…

  • Dan Mihai

    Bai fake news, daca nu te duce capul nu mai comenta. Ne arati tuturor ca esti consumatorul perfect: taci si cumperi, nu gandesti. Dupa ce mi-ai povestit reclamele de la Apple si Amazon, nici nu te-ai prins ca faceam misto de cat de dependent esti de tehnologie…duh. Data viitoare am sa-ti desenez, pe hartie, asa old school, ca sa intelegi. Oricum, e clar ca aici in comentarii si in general, toata lumea sare cu insultele in loc sa poarte o civilizatie decenta si inteligenta. Daca gresesc corecteaza-ma, nu-mi zi ca-s prost, sarac sau nu mai stiu ce. Dar asa-s romanii, ca tine si alalalt. Tu, dezvoltatule, modernule, ramai cu ale tale, iar eu o sa raman in satucul meu, linistit.

  • Dan Mihai

    Cam am zis eu de youtuberi, revieweri, care criticau iPhone X urlai ca-s irelevanti. Acum is buni youtuberii platiti de Apple, nu?

  • Dan Mihai

    Ce accesorii HomeKit ti-ai pus prin casa?

  • Srb Srb

    pai in general doar ce folosesc des, full lumina, prizele,ac si usile de la garaj si anul asta probabil audio ( in caz ca homePOD ma multumeste)

  • Srb Srb

    neeh deloc…pt mine personal, DOAR eu pot spune daca ma satisface sau nu un produs
    Nu cred ca sunt fake totusi

  • Dan Mihai


  • Visan Teodor

    Ijustine e o iPhone-ista convinsa, un fel de everything Apple pro in varianta feminina,are orgasm ori de câte ori deschide ambalajul unui produs Apple.

  • Aurelian

    O iPhone-niste convinsă care și ea a spus ca SIRI nu prea este ce trebuie.