BiteSMS 4.5 update


23742 Iata ca a aparut un nou update pentru celebra aplicatie BiteSMS, la putin timp dupa anteriorul. Se pare ca acesta pe langa noutatia re si o serie de bug fixes, insa marea schimbare este adaugarea functie de search.

Iata noutatile :

* NEW Cool Searching feature..
* Ability to Cancel a message while it’s sending!
* Added a toggle for SBSettings – called “SMS Alerts”. Great for privacy, or while you are busy and don’t want to be disturbed.
* Improved call handling, so that Quick Compose and Quick Reply interact in a much better fashion with incoming calls.
* Enhancements to Privacy so that privacy is improved when using Quick Reply when in the unlock mode. Privacy can now also be used with Quick Reply in the lock screen as well.
* Existing landscape settings have been refined into a new “Orientation” setting allowing specific control for biteSMS, Quick Compose and Quick Reply. Can individually be set to auto rotate, portrait or landscape mode.
* Added support for biteSMS, Quick Compose and Quick Reply to honor the SBSettings Rotation Inhibitor toggle.
* Fixed quiet volume for incoming messages when in the home screen (it was always fine in the lock screen).
* Added new Quick Compose setting “Mobile Contacts Only”, which restricts list of contacts shown to those with just mobile type numbers.
* In Quick Compose, the cursor now automatically jumps to the text field after user enters a single contact name (as you do this more often than sending to groups).
* You can now access the cut&paste menu in the Quick Reply message text.
* Added back the Release 4.3 feature “Slide to View”.
* When forwarding a message, formatting of blank lines etc was lost, this is fixed.
* Fixed issue with Privacy not working when the Quick Reply feature was turned off.
* Fixed issue where contact picture was lost when forwarding a message (only impacted Firmware 3.1.2).
* Fixed issue where text was lost when phone was locked, then unlocked.

Tineti aproape, hot stuff later.