iRealSMS 3.0 vine cu o lista enorma de updates

Prezentam acum cateva luni varianta beta a iRealSMS 3.0, una dintre cele mai complete si recomandata aplicatii pentru SMS dedicate terminalului iPhone. Incepand de astazi developerii aplicatiei au lansat in Cydia varianta full care aduce extrem de multe imbunatatiri si noutati. iRealSMS aduce pe iPhone o serie intreaga de optiuni care au fost scoase by default de catre Apple pentru a usura firmware-ul : QuickReply, QuickSend, Contact Pics, Smileys, Templates, Forward/Reply via Mail, Privacy Settings, Password Lock, Search Feature, Character Counter, dar aduce totodata posibilitatea de a trimite SMS-uri prin intermediul internetului folosind reteaua iRealNetwork desigur prin cumpararea unor credite.

Inainte sa va insir lunga lista de updates va spun doar ca desi nu o folosesc pentru ca nu trimit chiar atat de multe SMS-uri lunar, pentru o persoana care face asta este aplicatia perfecta, atat pentru trimis cat si pentru management-ul SMS-urilor.

Aplicatia poate fi cumparata din Cydia  Store pentru 9.99€ iar daca aveti deja vechea varianta cumparata, puteti face upgrade pentru 4.99€.

Si acuma iata lista, iar la sfarsit un review :

* View and Reply to an SMS from any application without having to exit your current app.
* Supports Lock Screen!
* New Landscape Layout
* Hide/Un-Hide Function allows you to background QuickReply so you answer at your convenience
(press home button to hide / tap status bar to unhide)
* Option to Call Contact instead of reply
* iRealNetwork QuickSwitch allows you to switch network setting directly from the QuickReply
(long press/hold of the REPLY key will initiate the QuickSwitch)

* Compose a new SMS from any application without the need of going into the messages app.
* Supports Lock Screen!
* New Landscape Layout
* Favorites List [Image 1]
* Option to Call Contacts from QuickSend for added convenience
* iRealNetwork QuickSwitch allows you to switch network setting directly from the QuickSend
(long press/hold of the SEND key will initiate the QuickSwitch)

MMS Support:
* Send & Receive MMS(for MMS enabled iPhones)
* Reply to incoming MMS messages via QuickReply!
* Insert MMS content directly into QuickReply & QuickSend!

Contact Pics:
* Added to Conversation List
* Added to QuickReply
* Added to Single SMS View(via Folders Mode)

* Smileys Available via App
* Smileys Available via QuickReply
* Smileys Available via QuickSend
* Smiley Filter Converts Incoming ASCII Smiley into iPhone Emoji Equivalent.
* Customizable to Send Outgoing Smileys as either:
o iPhone Smileys: Only other iPhones can view them (network restrictions may apply as some cell networks iPhone emoji is not compatible with one another)
o ASCII Smiley: Will Show on Recipients Phone as ASCII equivalent (for use when sending to other types of phones)
o ASCII Short Strings: Uses a shorter ASCII script for those that want to save on character usage

* Create Templates & Insert them into your Conversation via the App!(QuickReply & QuickSend Support not yet available)
* Supports Multi-Contact Lists, so you can easily make a template and use it as a SmartGroup

Insert Option:
* Insert Option added to the Paste UI Callout.
(Double Tap or Long Tap the Text Field to reveal the PASTE | INSERT options. )
Select Insert for 3 Options: (only available via App)
o Insert Contact: add a contacts info from your address book
o Insert Draft: Insert an unfinished message and complete it for sending
o Insert Template: Easily insert your pre-defined Templates!

Privacy Settings:
* Control the way your iPhone handles the Incoming SMS Alerts.

Password Lock:
* Add Password Protection to your iRealSMS 3.0 Main Application and keep your conversations from prying eyes

Sent Notifications:
* Use Sent Notifcations to receive SMS delivery confirmation
(dependent on if your carrier supports sent notifications)

* Our in-app Blacklist allows you to suppress certain numbers from producing an Alert of any kind and keeps it out of your Conversation List. Customize it to Auto-Delete the messages or to Hide them in the BlackList folder

Folders Mode:[[url]][/url][Image 1][/url]

* The Standard for Most Phones: View Your SMS using a Folders format: INBOX / DRAFTS /TEMPLATES /OUTBOX / SENT
* Allows You to Control how you want to use your SMS app!

Search Feature:
* Easily Search Your SMS Database by NAME | TEXT | ALL
(search function found in folders tab)

Character Counter:
* Counts the amount of Characters Being used in the Text Field as well as the Total Number of SMS messages that will be Sent
* Available in App
* Available in QuickReply
* Available in QuickSend

Credit Counter:
* Displays the amount of remaining iRealNetwork SMS Credits.
* Available in App
* Available in QuickReply
* Available in QuickSend

Time Stamps:
* Displays the Time Stamps for All Messages!
* Displays in Conversations mode by pressing the EDIT button
* Displays Time Stamps for Incoming messages in QuickReply

Hide Keyboard:

* Option to Slide to Keyboard back off screen so as to show a full screen view of the conversation bubbles
(While in a Conversation simply tap on one of the text bubbles to have the keyboard slide off screen)

Orientation Settings:
* Use your app under auto-rotate as normal or lock it into portrait or landscape mode.
* QuickReply & QuickSend can only Auto-Rotate or Portrait lock at this time

Built-in Background Feature:
* For INSTANT launch times use the built in background feature! (utilizes some available memory)

SAVE MONEY with RealNetwork:
* “iRealNetwork is a new service bringing SMS to your iPhone as you are used to but MUCH CHEAPER. With 8 EuroCents per SMS it is a great deal for national SMS and unbeatable for international SMS. A common rate for int. SMS is 39 EuroCent which is 500% of our rate.
It is in the nature of SMS services that we cannot support every destination in the world – therefore it is our policy to REFUND any Credit purchases which cannot be used because our service doesn’t support the destination country or network you require. We are supporting over 570 networks worldwide though. So try it out and save your money!”
* Have them handy for those of you that are only allotted a certain number of SMS messages a month! Why pay overage charges for SMS ala cart when you can just switch over to the iRealNetwork at usually a cheaper rate than what your carrier offers!
* Text in the SEND or REPLY button will be GREEN when the iRealNetwork is Active
* Enable in Settings or by Long Pressing the SEND or REPLY button you can initiate a Quick Network Switch!
* (iRealNetwork sends via your Internet connection so WI-FI, 3G or EDGE is necessary for use.)

* Long Pressing the SEND or REPLY button you can initiate a Quick Network Switch to easily toggle between sending via your carrier or iRealNetwork
* Text in the SEND or REPLY button will be GREEN when the iRealNetwork is Active
* Available via App
* Available via QuickReply
* Available via QuickSend