Prima Pagina aplicatii iBlueNova beta 3 changelog si update

iBlueNova beta 3 changelog si update


Azi dimineata am prezentat un sumar al update-urilor prezentate pentru iBlueNova beta 3 si deoarece era un articol despre 2 lucruri distincte am hotarat sa fac un nou post in care sa prezint lista de update-uri adusa de beta 3.

Dupa cum am spus si dincolo sunt o serie de imbunatatiri aduse performantei aplicatiei, vitezei de transfer, compatibilitatii cu alte device-uri, etc. A fost anuntata si o data provizorie pentru lansare, astfel ca ne putem astepta la o lansare undeva pe la inceputul lunii Februarie insa data nu este sigura deoarece depinde foarte mult de progresele facute in perioada de beta testing, iar lansare va fi facuta in Cydia prin repo-ul iSpazio.

Anyway, long story short, mai avem de asteptat cateva saptamani pana sa punem mana pe noua aplicatie, dar pana atunci iata changelog-ul pana la beta 3 :

  • Modified RFCOMM, L2CAP and OBEX to solve the “failed transfer” to some devices. Remember that the previous version had some problems with certain cell transfer but now things are much better and continue to test only some Nokia N Serie;
  • Rewrote the UI image viewer, adding the ability to make a slideshow of photo;
  • Fixed the display of the speed of the transfer;
  • Fixed moving files in the directories set to end transfe;
  • Adding to the section “All tracks” in the viewing of album;
  • Further improves the speed of the overall transfe;
  • The media player was fixato and now I can play the tracks properly within the application itself, even if you have set the Silent profile;
  • Added Italian localization.

Here’s the complete roadmap:

For version 2.0:

  • License integration.

For version 2.0.1:

  • Allow the closure and reopening of the UI from the daemon;
  • Sharing of contacts integration.

For version 2.1:

  • multiple transfers (you need to change the rfcomm to have this feature working perfectly);
  • GPS integration;
  • integrated keyboard and mouse;