BiteSMS 4.6 final si BeejiveIM 3.2 update


BiteSMS una dintre cele mai bune aplicatii pentru management-uri SMS/MMS-urilor din telefonul vostru a primit ieri un nou update, beta 5 a BiteSMS 4.6, update care aducea cateva noutati, dar mai important decat atat, astazi a fost lansata versiunea finala a BiteSMS, versiune care vine cu toate bugurile variantelor beta gata reparate si in plus aduce o serie intreaga de imbunatatiri!

Iata noutatile din BiteSMS 4.6 :

  • Ability to customize buttons and QuickCOMP QuickReply as more than to be able to customize the display of buttons you can also choose the way in which it is activated: Tap, Double Tap or Tap Extended;
  • Added to support the native function “Repeat Alarm”;
  • Inserted Template: ready messages that we can modify and add to our liking;
  • Through the camera button, you can now enter: Smiley, Contact or a Template of a message;
  • Possibility of eliminating the small button red “X” if you added a third button “Close” and QuickReply QuickCOMP;
  • Opportunity to see the expiration date of claims;
  • When receiving a call the keys will not allow the visualization of volume QuickCOMP;
  • If you select a text is possible, in addition to options to select all and copy, transform the selected part in a template, thanks to “Add Template”;
  • Ability to send scheduled SMS
  • Completely redesigned the panel with all the privacy settings
  • Change the smiley face
  • Opportunity to make a call to an SMS through the phone book open in the background
  • Fixed bug with smilies and text alignment
  • Fixed a problem that caused the crash while sending a message programmed
  • Off camera the popup when you receive a message
  • Fixed a crash problem that occurred when the function was used to swipe delete.

      BiteSMS 4.6 final poate fi downloadata di Cydia si beneficiaza de o licenta limitata.

      Cea de-a doua aplicatie are a primit un update in cursul zilei de ieri deste BeejiveIM, un utilitar care incorporeaza mai multe retele de chat cum ar fi : AIM, MobileMe, MSN, Windows Live, Yahoo!, GoogleTalk, Facebook, MySpace, ICQ si Jabber. Este un all-in-one foarte bine facut si foarte folositor pentru cei care au mai multe conturi la diferite servicii de social networking pentru ca BeejiveIM va permite sa va conectati pe mai multe conturi deodata si astfel puteti vorbi cu mai multi prieteni de pe diferite platforme de socializare in acelasi timp.

      Iata ce aduce nou versiunea 3.2 :

      – Performance enhancements, faster startup time, especially with large number of chats open.
      – Dynamic message loading for chats.  By default, only the previous 50 messages (configurable) in a chat is loaded at startup, scroll up to load more.
      – Groups button added to buddy list (as in
      – Search moved to inside buddy list (as in
      – Several bug fixes, including several Facebook sync crash problems.
      – Several minor UI enhancements.

      BeejiveIM 3.2 poate fi cumparat din Ro AppStore pentru 7.99€ de aici.