Prima Pagina aplicatii Aplicatii gratuite sau la pret redus 03.06.2010

Aplicatii gratuite sau la pret redus 03.06.2010


Datele acestea se pot schimba in ORICE moment, politica Apple le permite developerilor sa schimbe statusul aplicatiilor oricand doresc asa ca verificati in AppStore daca datele de aici corespund cu cele de acolo. Modificarile acestea sunt in general valabile pentru scurt timp asa ca fiti vigilenti!

Befuddled : Core Edition – disponibila gratuit, pret initial 0.79€
Befuddled: Core Edition is a new way of getting your fix of Befuddled, a single-player word game designed for the touch interface of the iPhone. With no time limits and up to five tile types, strategy becomes the name of the game. Form up to 16 letter words using only one tile type at a time. Instant save and reload lets you play for hours or stop and return at a moment’s notice. No waiting for other players or endless intro screens.

Reflex Test – disponibila gratuit
Test your reflexes… you’ve got to be QUICK!

(LOL, we know the logo’s not the right spelling! … just testing your reflexes 😉

Babo Crash HD – disponibila gratuit
The heroes and villians of the Babo universe unite to duke it out for high scores in a Match 3 game!
Collect gems and fight the Chompii infestation!
Based on the Babo characters from Madballs in…Babo:Invasion!

Understanding Photoshop : Creating panoramic photos – disponibila gratuit, pret initial 1.59€
Learn how to create breathtaking panoramic photographs using Adobe Photoshop® and your digital camera. This innovative application combines the latest in knowledge and technology to accelerate your learning. Unlike other video based training, this application is all about interactivity. Each lesson includes hands on files so you can work right along with the instructor. There are interactive quizzes where you can test your know-how and get instant feedback.

Glide Hockey HD – disponibila gratuit, pret initial 0.79€
Glide Hockey HD lets you play Air Hockey on your iPad, iPhone, or iPod touch! Beautiful high resolution graphics are there for the iPad, but the same game will run scaled down on the iPhone and iPod Touch. Play two players on the same device, or challenge the computer! Some of the feedback we’ve heard from players: By far the best air hockey game ever and for FREE!

Zepi : War – disponibila gratuit, pret initial 0.79€
Thanks to your votes on, Zepi:War is the Featured FREE App of the Day for June 03, 2010!

A bit of history and some military romance… Nice design, original sound and easy gameplay! Zepi:War. Enjoy!

Pocket Siege – disponibila gratuit, pret initial 0.79€
Brand new game that will capture your mind and you will capture your iPhone and iPod Touch and won’t ever let go! Pocket Siege is different than any other “boring” siege warfare. You can not only enjoy the game, but also many other challenges and you can access to the community via “Open Feint”. Victory can be achieved by effectively defending the Turret.

Pocket Warfare – disponibila gratuit, pret initial 0.79€
Guard the last tower from dark force! One day, gate of dimension was suddenly open, and dark force beyond dimension started attacking the world. 6 towers of 7 defending towers were already destroyed by dark force for 6 days. If last tower is destroyed, there are no more places to live and be protected from dark force. To protect last tower, humans and elves who have protected seven towers gathered.

Kyle’s Quest  2 – disponibila gratuit, pret initial 0.79€
A real old-school Role Playing Game like Final Fantasy on the NES or GameBoy. If you enjoy RPGs like Chronicles of Inotia, Vay, or Arvale then you’ll love the value of KQ2! Kyle’s Quest 2 is bundled with twenty complete adventures. Each level has custom graphics, quests, and monsters. So grab your sword, don your armor, and prepare for combat! Join the ranks of the KQ2 level authors, and create your own levels with the free KQ2ED tool for Windows.

ESPN 2010 FIFA World Cup – disponibila gratuit – US ONLY!
This summer 32 countries from around the globe will compete for the world’s most prestigious trophy – the FIFA World Cup. For the first time ever the Cup will be lifted in Africa and ESPN will be there to bring you exclusive coverage of this historic event to your iPhone or iPod touch. Exclusive US and global news and analysis from ESPN and ESPNsoccernet. Full tournament schedule. Extensive profiles of all 32 teams and the world’s top footballers