Angajatii Apple testeaza rezistenta iPhone 4 direct in magazin


Un cuplu de americani si-a achizitionat doua terminale iPhone 4 inca de cand Apple a inceput sa le comercializeze in SUA, si totul a fost ok cu ele pana acum cateva zile cand ambii soti au reusit sa isi loveasca telefoanele, unul dintre ele cazand pe ciment si alegandu-se cu display-ul spart, celalalt avand o crapatura in jurul butoanelor de volum, dar si pe ecran fara sa fie lovit in vreun fel. Cei doi s-au dus la un Apple Store unde au discutat cu angajatii care au ramas uimiti de faptul ca aceste 2 persoane au reusit sa crape un iPhone 4 asa ca un Genius a luat un iPhone 4 de pe un raft si l-a trantit de podea pentru a demonstra cat de rezistent e telefonul. Din cate se pare telefonul nu a suferit nici macar o zgarietura, asta desi terminalul unuia dintre soti a cazut pe asfalt si s-a crapat. Mai departe povestea se termina cu o schimbare de telefoane in schimbul achizitionarii unui Bumper,etc.

Interesant in aceasta poveste este faptul ca poate nu toate terminalele iPhone 4 sunt la fel de rezistente, poate cele venite in primul val au fost facute in graba si acum Apple este nevoita sa le schimbe datorita problemelor de fabricatie. Apple s-a laudat ca noul iPhone este foarte rezistent, fiind capabil sa iasa “nevatamat” dintr-o cazatura pe o suprafata dura insa din pacate testele au demonstrat ca Apple minte cu nerusinare. Oricum e destul de interesant sa aflam ce sunt in stare sa faca angajatii celor de la Apple doar pentru a demonstra ca iPhone 4 este atat de rezistent pe cat sustine Apple.

My wife’s phone slid off her knee when she opened the car door, and fell about 1.5 ft to the concrete parking lot, it “cracked” not shattered. We took the phone to the apple store and they explained that replacement phones for cracked screens is $199.00 .. they also were amazed we were able to crack the phone, as they had been trying all day. They literally took the demo unit off the table and spiked it on the ground in front of us, it was unscathed.

We were content that it might cost us $199.00 and left the store, we figured we’d get it replaced in a week or so after my next paycheck. About an hour later I’m texting on my phone and I notice that near the volume buttons I have a small CRACK as well. Now mind you my phone has been handled with kitten gloves, it has been in and out of my pocket, and never with keys or items. I must assume I brushed against a table or other object without realizing it, at any rate there was never enough impact that I heard or felt it.

We then immediately went back to the apple store. I told the genius that “I know you demonstrated how durable the phone is, and how you guys have not been able to break them, but now I’m sitting with TWO $600.00 pieces of cracked glass, what do we do?” The genius guy had his manager come out and look at the phones, they took them in the back and consulted with another manager and another genius. The manager was very insistent that the damage must have been caused by major impact, however due to our excessive patronage to the store (we have 2 iphone 2G’s, 2 iphone 3G’s, 2 iphone 3GS’s, 2 iPad 3G’s, and a couple of macbooks) they decided to replace both of them no charge, out of warranty, if we agreed to purchase 2 bumpers at that time.

We purchased the bumpers (which have increased signal strength significantly I might add), and they replaced the phones. We were very grateful, but by no means happy that the phones were so easily broken. We’ve been very rough w/ our previous iphones dropping them numerous times, etc… and never cracked one, it was really disheartening to be holding 2 cracked phones that night.