Prima Pagina Apple A rezolvat Apple problemele cu semnalul la iPhone 4?

A rezolvat Apple problemele cu semnalul la iPhone 4?


Ieri am scris un articol in care va spuneam ca un posesor de iPhone 4 si-a schimbat terminalul la un Apple Store cu unul nou iar noul terminal nu mai are probleme cu semnalul, ba mai mult pare sa aiba aplicata o solutie pe antenele telefonului. Aseara cei de la Gizmodo au publicat un articol in care se regasesc declaratiile mai multor posesori de iPhone 4 care sustin ca in urma schimbarii telefonului la un Apple Store au reusit sa scape de problemele cu semnalul :

Jason Morh si-a schimbat terminalul pe 10 iulie :

I had the problem with my iPhone 4 experiencing the “Death Grip”. I took it back to the store and complained about “slow data speeds” as I knew the “death grip” wasn’t a “valid” enough reason for them to exchange the phone. My first phone no matter, how great the signal was, the “Death Grip” was in full effect as I could make the phone go to “searching” with in a few seconds. This new unit (mind you has ZERO cosmetic differences) is perfect. The “Death Grip” is totally fixed an fluctuates no more than 1 bar in a bad signal area. Something is definitely different with this phone as IT WORKS!

At home we have a tower that is literally about 600 feet away from my house. The first phone I could death grip it and make it go all the way to searching within 20 seconds. This new one goes from 5 full bars to 4 bars then after a few seconds will kick back to 5 bars. That is without the bumper just raw phone in hand. I am in Arizona.

Dr. Jurg Sommerauer si-a schimbat terminalul acum 2 zile :

I have replaced my phone because of freezing issues yesterday and my new iPhone 4 is by far less sensitive than the previous one with respect to antenna issues. I made extensive signal tests with and without the death grip and can not see any different 3G signal (inside a metal construction hangar) in Santa Paula, CA. Please see one screen shot representing an average of upload/download speed. I did about 20 measurements within 10 minutes. The speed span was between 0.6 Mbps and 2.1 Mbps. I could not see a meaningful difference between applying the death grip and without.

Matt Smithers a primit un terminal nou pe 9 iulie :

I received my first iPhone 4 on June 23, like many that preordered for delivery. I immediately tested it for the signal drop issue when cupped in the lower left corner with the same results as most: a quick drop to 1 or 2 bars. I dropped it 2 days after I activated it (July 8). Apple replaced it the next day on July 9,, and I received the same hardware as the first phone. I have not been able to duplicate the signal drop issue however, by cupping it, while sitting in the same spot as before. Overall though, the phone’s reception kinda sucks. When I’m in a spot with marginal signal, the phone shows 1 or maybe 2 bars. There’s not much in between. Full or 1 bar.

Acestia sunt doar cativa dintre cei care si-au schimbat terminalele vechi cu unele noi si au scapat de problemele cu semnalul. Sa fi schimbat ceva Apple in procesul de productie a iPhone 4 pentru a elimina aceste probleme? Nimeni nu stie exact insa utilizatorii acestia au primit terminale dintr-un lot nou disponibil in SUA chiar de pe 9 iulie asa ca e posibil ca Apple sa fi facut cateva modificari pana la distributia acestui nou lot.

Nu stiu daca e o miscare de marketing sau e real, insa privitit toate aceste marturii ca simple povesti neverificate deocamdata, nu as vrea sa declar problema rezolvata pana nu apar dovezi clare in acest sens.