Aplicatii gratuite sau la pret redus 07.08.2010


Datele acestea se pot schimba in ORICE moment, politica Apple le permite developerilor sa schimbe statusul aplicatiilor oricand doresc asa ca verificati in AppStore daca datele de aici corespund cu cele de acolo. Modificarile acestea sunt in general valabile pentru scurt timp asa ca fiti vigilenti!

Zynked – disponibila gratuit, pret initial 2.39€
Zynked is an RSS app that enables you to collect and view your favorite blogs, websites and Tweet streams in one central, customizable location. Organize your feeds into one of Zynked’s pre-set channels or create topical channels of your own! Share stories with friends via email, Twitter or Facebook!
Intuitive feed discovery – enter a URL and Zynked automatically discovers its RSS feed/feeds.

Poppit – disponibila gratuit, pret initial 1.59€
Collide bubbles of the same color to pop them. The number on each bubble indicates how many more collisions it will take to pop. Every time you pop a bubble another is added to the queue. Don’t run out of bubbles!
Control: tap on the screen, slide your finger in desired direction then lift your finger.

Color ME !!! HD – disponibila gratuit, pret initial 0.79€ – iPad Only!
COLOR ME !!! ONE OF THE BEST COLORING APPLICATION FOR iPHONE & iPOD TOUCH NOW AVAILABLE FOR iPAD !!!! A coloring booklet for children at the age of 2-6 years. Diverse pictures and color palette will trigger the development of your child’s imagination and shape his/her senses. A very friendly and intuitive application enables your child to easily create extraordinary pictures. Only a touch of a finger and the selected element of the coloring will be filled with colors.

The Elementals – disponibila gratuit
A fun periodic table where every element has its own unique personality.

Get it FREE for a limited period of time!

Iris Photo Suite – disponibila gratuit, pret initial 0.79€
Unlike most of the apps available, Iris offers you the complete set of tools you’ll need, to add your very own personal touch to your images, and unleash your creativity in whole new way.Iris works equally well across all the generations of iPhone/iPod Touch,without any compromises in the Speed/Quality.Whether its jazzing up your night images with Artificial Flash, or Converting your portrait to a sketch!.

Tap Ranch – disponibila gratuit
Welcome to Tap Ranch, you are only taps away from growing your own crops, raising animals and investing in “makers” to produce your own cheese, wine and fruit pies!
Grow alfalfa to feed cows to make milk, or corn to feed chickens to make eggs. Decorate your ranch to your heart content and buy functional greenhouses where all your crops grow faster and don’t spoil! It’s easy and simple as 1-2-3.

Civilisation Revolution – disponibila gratuit, pret initial 5.99€
Build. Discover. Conquer. Rule the World!
Lead your civilization from the dawn of man to the modern age and beyond in Sid Meier’s Civilization Revolution. Go head to head with history’s greatest leaders as you wage war, conduct diplomacy, discover new technologies, inspire your nation and build the most powerful empire the world has ever known.

FAAD Gold – disponibila gratuit, pret initial 1.59€
FAAD GOLD is now your one-stop-shop discovery and communication platform!
The FAAD Community is now much bigger 600,000+ downloads and counting which means that more great apps are on their way!
The FAAD App uses your wishes to make One Paid App Free Everyday! Over $300 Saved So Far By Members of The FreeAppADay Community!

Tunnel Shoot – disponibila gratuit, pret initial 0.79€
TUNNEL SHOOT sends you in a spacecraft spiraling down a vast corridor filled with monsters, spikes, walls, and many other obstacles which are trying to take you down. Use your plasma cannon to blast your way through the hoards or fire a mega bomb to annihilate everything in sight. Build up the largest score you can by staying alive as long as possible! Featuring gorgeous 3D graphics and precise, intuitive controls, TUNNEL SHOOT will suck you in and never let you go. Beware, because addiction is unavoidable!

PGA Championship – disponibila gratuit
Watch Live Video, follow the Live Leaderboard and immerse yourself into the PGA Championship, as if you’re a part of the gallery, with the Official 92nd PGA Championship App — produced by The PGA of America and Turner Sports. Live Marquee Group Video, Push Alerts, Live Leaderboard, Player Scorecards and more, will keep you following Glory’s Last Shot, while you are on the go, or as a supplement to broadcast coverage.

Fly GaGa – disponibila gratuit, pret initial 0.79€
What is Fly Gaga? Blast to the past with Fly Gaga, as you bounce your worries away on the trampoline. Obtain special items as you fly up into the sky, but watch out for black-holes and other obstacles on the way! Control the flying baby by tilting the screen from side to side. Smash obstacles on the way down! Feel the rush of adrenaline as you the try to control the baby as it gains speed! Warning: Fly Gaga is highly addictive! Do not play Fly Gaga while driving!

Cables & Wired Reference – disponibila gratuit, pret initial 0.79€
If you’ve ever wondered what a particular cable was called, or you’re ever tried to find a cable and did not know how it looked, then this app is for you.
This application contains all the cables and wires that are used for computers and electronics. From VGA through DVI, USB, SCART and many others, this app can be used to discover the name and function of all the cables you will need for your computer repair and connection work.

Ludo Deluxe – disponibila gratuit, pret initial 1.59€ – iPad Only!
Classic Gaming with a Twist. Ludo Deluxe is a blast from the past…with an exciting twist. In addition to the “classic” game board we all know and love, there are 3 alternative themes to choose from. Switch themes anytime, even in game—it won’t interrupt your gameplay.
Mixing Up the Competition.

Steam Pirates – disponibila gratuit, pret initial 0.79€
Summer Surprise… Steam Pirates is now FREE!!! Steam Pirates, the latest creation from the mind of Luc Bernard, is a zany, colorful, casual RPG/Adventure game featuring a loaded cast of pirates, pugs, cats, and rockstars! Steam Pirates appeals to the casual gamer and the long-time hardcore gamer alike with its traditional turn-based RPG battle system and emphasis on exploration broken up by platforming elements and various addicting mini-games. As the player you will struggle in battles against an army of cats and robots and take part in dramatic ship battles.

Darts – disponibila gratuit

Play Darts on your iPhone and iPod touch!