Prima Pagina aplicatii Aplicatii gratuite pentru iPad, iPhone si iPod Touch – 28.09.2010

Aplicatii gratuite pentru iPad, iPhone si iPod Touch – 28.09.2010


Datele acestea se pot schimba in ORICE moment, politica Apple le permite developerilor sa schimbe statusul aplicatiilor oricand doresc asa ca verificati in AppStore daca datele de aici corespund cu cele de acolo. Modificarile acestea sunt in general valabile pentru scurt timp asa ca fiti vigilenti!

Nightstand Central free – disponibila gratuit
Nightstand Central Free turns your iPhone or iPod touch into a high quality alarm clock with current weather information and customizable wallpaper. It also supports iOS 4 background alarms. You get many of the great features of Nightstand Central, but for free. Easily one of the best looking and elegant alarm or desk clocks in the App Store, Nightstand Central combines all the functionality that you need in an alarm clock into one intuitive app.

Retina Wallpapers  960×640 – disponibila gratuit
wallpapers HD gives you a lot of 640×960 iPhone 4 Wallpapers & Backgrounds. Each high resolution image has been perfectly formatted to fit the iPhone 4 High resolution screen and comes with a host of user-friendly features. Each wallpaper is very beautiful we have carefully selected to ensure you enjoy.
Once Downloaded Run it anywhere.

Navy Warface Officer – disponibila gratuit – Universala!
Warfare Officer puts you in command of your own fleet. Defend your base and destroy your enemy! Play single or multi-player on all iOS devices, battle between iPhone v iPad or iTouch! ObjectiveTo win the game, you must destroy your opponent’s base. You’ll choose a fleet of 3 ships that will respawn if destroyed, each ship has its own special abilities and powerups can be gathered from the crate drops around the map.

Nikon Lenses – disponibila gratuit
The Nikon Lenses app is a guide to Nikon’s current lineup of F-Mount lenses used by both Nikon’s digital and film SLR cameras.
You can view all the lenses at once or you can view lenses in a selected category. You have the ability to sort by aperture, minimum focal length and ESP (Estimated Retail Price).

Layer – disponibila gratuit, pret initial 0.79€
TRY LAYER FOR FREE FOR A LIMITED TIME! Layer is a puzzle game to test your spatial reasoning.
Draw overlapping rectangles to make complex patterns.
This version comes with over 25 levels!

Was Davinci The Mona Lisa? – disponibila gratuit, pret initial 0.79€
You’ve heard about it, now judge for yourself. You may not believe your eyes.
Discover what may be Leonardo Da Vinci’s greatest secret and possibly one of the greatest secrets of all time.
Was the Mona Lisa really another Leonardo Da Vinci self-portrait?

The Tales of Peter Rabbit – disponibila gratuit, pret initial 0.79€ – Universala!
We’re celebrating our one-year anniversary with a new website — — and free downloads of our applications!!!
We debuted our inaugural application on Sept. 27, 2009 with the launch of “The Three Little Pigs.” Since then 12 additional classic children’s story applications have been introduced by the company.

Road Plates – disponibila gratuit
A classic family road game for the iPhone that puts head-to-head fun back into long car trips. Road Plates allows up to 3 players to participate in spotting license plates, capturing them in the game for points, and ultimately winning the game by accumulating the most points. It contains all 50 states’ plates, a scoring system, GPS-based point values, sound and animation, state songs, and a high scores board.

TimeSpent – disponibila gratuit, pret initial 0.79€
But still you would have to know the time you spend on your activities to verify this famous saying! TimeSpent is the indispensable tool for measuring, analysing, and comparing the time spent on different activities.
6 categories exist by default (Job, Sport, Computer, Sleep, TV, Car) but you can rename them to count the time of your own activities.

Tips & Tricks: iPhone Secrets Lite – disponibila gratuit – Universala!
Get the most out of your iPhone or iPod Touch with the Lite guide to shortcuts, hidden features, tips & tricks.
Share Tips via e-mail and twitter.
Over 2 Million people have downloaded a copy – do they know something you don’t?

Tater’s Training Trash Yard – disponibila gratuit
In Tater’s Training Trash Yard, you play as Tater and your mission is simple; blow away as many targets as you can before the time runs out.
Are you interested in game development on the iPhone and iPad? This game was created for the book, “Creating 3D GAME ART for the iPhone with Unity iOS: Featuring modo® and Blender Pipelines.”

Zombies vs Literacy – disponibila gratuit, pret initial 0.79€
Stop zombies from eating your brain by learning early reading skills. Practice word families and sight words and you’ll discover that your brain is too big to be eaten! Fun, interactive application to practice early reading skills. Swipe through the alphabet, word families and sight words. Touch letters to hear them spoken. Watch our for the zombie stampede…they’re looking for brains.

A Ninja Dude : Ninja School – disponibila gratuit, pret initial 0.79€
In collaboration with OpenFeint’s Free Game of the Day, A Ninja Dude : Ninja School is Free for TODAY only. Download OpenFeint’s Game Spotlight App to get the Free Game of the Day every day! Welcome to Ninja Dude Ninja School.
Founded in 2010, the Ninja Dude School of Ninja is a center for education at the undergraduate and graduate levels.

Traffic Crash – disponibila gratuit – Universala!
New game from where you have to help the cars to survive as long as you can.
Make them faster or stop them as you need!
Try to enter the online ranking with as many cars as possible!

Flick Fishing Free – disponibila gratuit
Fight the toughest fish and land record-breaking catches! Fully animated “living” environments combine with intuitive real-life controls create the best fishing game available on the App Store! Try out Flick Fishing Free now! Cast the line with a just a flick of your wrist. With a skillful combination of bait, location, and technique you’ll hook a fish — now you just need to reel it in! Reel carefully to avoid snapping the line and losing your fish. Larger fish are strong, and won’t be hauled in easily!

Escape Flash – disponibila gratuit
EscapeFlash is a new escape game that requires no advanced puzzle-solving skills. All you need is a brain for remembering a way to escape the room, and fingers for fast and accurate touch operations. Method of escaping the room is shown at the beginning of each room.
All you need to do is escape in time by touching the screen quickly.

Codul Muncii – disponibila gratuit
Codul muncii 2010 este o aplicatie inovatoare care ofera tuturor posesorilor de telefoane iPhone posibilitatea de a avea la dispozitia lor oriunde, oricand Codul muncii direct pe telefonul lor mobil. Aplicatia contine si un motor performant de cautare, astfel incat utilizatorul poate gasi rapid exact informatia care il intereseaza: un capitol, un anumit articol sau chiar o sintagma. In plus, toti cei care sunt interesati de comentariile specialistilor pot accesa direct din aplicatie