Lista tuturor modificarilor implementate de Apple in iOS 4.3 beta 1(changelog)


iOS 4.3 beta 1 a fost lansat oficial aseara de catre Apple insa iata ca acum a aparut si changelog-ul in care sunt prezentate toate noutatile implementate in aceasta versiune a iOS. Lista de noutati este foarte lunga si exista destul de multe functii pe care nu le-am prezentat in articolul dedicat. Veti observa ca Apple a rezolvat destul de multe buguri ale versiunilor anterioare si iata toate schimbarile :

Known issues:
• MMS pictures are rotated 90 degrees
• Delay in activating FaceTIme after SIM swap
• Delay when zooming in and out in Safari
• FTP tool sometimes errors out

• If SIM card is removed with personal hotspot is enabled, iPhone panics

• D2D apps are not opening

• Sound remains on even though the device is muted

Issues Fixed Since iOS 4.3 8F5132f
• Fixed issue that prevented controls from being dismissed in some cases
• Addressed issue where the keyboard could not be brought back when highlighting and swiping through search results
• Voice over now reads the entire chart in stocks app while in landscape mode

• Fixed slideshow stop after 15 image when using AirPlay

Baseband& Telephony
• iPhone -> 04.08.00
• Enabled Traffic Volume Indicator IE in CELL UPDATE
• Fixed issue with integrity protection failing after SRNS relocation
• Fixed issue of iPhone units deactivating and not activating after baseband logging is enabled
• iPad -> 07.11.00
• Fixed issue of Physical channel reconfiguration failure during a reselection procedure
• Fixed issue of the UE missing a page because it is decoding and responding to RRC Setup messages meant for other UEs

• Fixed incorrect auto routing with LG HBM-210 on FaceTime calls

• Fixed canceled recurring calendar events still shows on the event list

• Fixed deleting a recurring events make the alarm go away
• Fixed all-day alarm fired an hour early

• Fixed exchange calendar event duplicating when passing Israeli daylight savings time

• Letter ł is now visible in notes

• Fixed missing accented letters in European keyboard popups
• Increase font size for China and Pinyin inputs
• Fixed auto-correction issue when switch back from Emoji to English keyboard
• Added inline space with Pingyin inputs
• Corrected “Undo” translation in Simplified Chinese to “撤销”

• Updated inconsistent translation in Chinese, Finnish, Norwegian, Korean, Dutch, Polish,
• Fixed missing Chinese characters in Pinyin
• Improved common phrases used in Chinese
• Improved common phrased used in Japanese
• 劲歌金曲 is no longer missing
• Fixed issue that produced unexpected output when trying to type 从前门进入果
• 一点儿 now ranked higher than 一点二
• Word completion candidates capability now available for Chinese language
• Added additional common phrases for character 耍
• Fixed issue that caused the wrong candidates to be displayed (J: “間スコット”) when “ますこっと” is input
• “軽さ(かるさ)” now in the candidate

• Fixed orientation of mail application not following device orientation under specific conditions
• Fixed popover when drilling into a thread while the empty search field is focused
• Fixed mail message view and orientation when quickly selecting a message and hitting edit mode

• Fixed MMS messages with vCards scrolling up

• Fixed screen not drawing properly when Nike+ is in the background

Status bar
• Added new icon for wifi tethering for personal hotspot on status bar

• Fixed issue that caused Safari and other apps to crash after loading certain heavy Websites

• Fixed Personal Hotspot password failure with 22+ characters

• Added support to for “find” in Safari
• Fixed wallpaper titles for VoiceOver