ARM inregistreaza profit record datorita iDevice-urilor


Mai mult ca sigur ati auzit pana acum de compania ARM ale carei procesoare se regasesc in majoritatea smartphone-urilor si a telefoanelor mobile de pe piata. Compania a anuntat zilele trecute ca a inregistrat o crestere de 75% a profitului ca urmare a colaborarii pe care o are cu Apple in ceea ce priveste licentierea procesorului folosit in chip-ul A4 din iPad, iPhone 4, iPod Touch 4G si Apple TV 2G. Compania licentiaza produse si pentru alti producatori de terminale mobile, insa Apple este principalul motiv pentru aceasta crestere si dupa cum se prezinta situatia ARM va merge pe crestere si anul acesta deoarece Apple ar putea folosi procesotare ARM in iPad 2, iPhone 5, iPod Touch 5G, etc.

“ARM continues to sign licenses with influential market leaders in an increasingly digital world, and as the industry chooses ARM technology in a broadening range of electronic products, it further drives our long-term royalty opportunity,” said ARM Chief Executive Officer Warren East. “The growth in licensing and royalty revenues, throughout 2010, has combined to deliver our highest ever annual revenues, profits and cash generation.” “It’s hard to see what could have been better in this set of results. We’ve had a record in terms of earnings, and a record backlog up 75pc [compared with last year],” said East, adding that ARM had outperformed the semiconductor industry and expects to continue to outperform in 2011 as well.

ARM este o companie britanica fondata de Apple impreuna cu alte 2 companii, insa in anul 2001 Apple a fost nevoita sa renunte la cota sa de participatie la ARM pentru a-si redresa situatia financiara.