Prima Pagina aplicatii Video: Fa cele mai clare poze cu Camera+ 2.2 si Clarity

Video: Fa cele mai clare poze cu Camera+ 2.2 si Clarity



Camera+ este una dintre cele mai bune aplicatii pentru facut poze disponibila in AppStore la ora actuala. Dezvoltatorii ei lucreaza constant la imbunatatirea algoritmilor din aplicatie si la implementarea de noi functii iar Clarity este exact ce lipsea pentru iDevices. Aceasta noua functie implementata in Camera+ analizeaza pozele folosind anumiti algoritmi speciali si le modifica astfel incat sa avem parte de cea mai clara imagine posibila. Lasand la o parte scenariul prost din trailerul de prezentare, noua functie Clarity chiar functioneaza asa cum este prezentata acolo si va recomand sa o incercati.

We created Clarity to help turn all the shots you take into perfect photos. Clarity analyzes your photos and makes several intelligent adjustments that magically bring out details and breathe life into dull photos. There’s no need to futz with complicated and confusing controls… behind the scenes, we do all that and more for you through innovative “smart-processing”.

And with Clarity, you’ll stop throwing out “bad” photos… you’ll be amazed to see what it can do to photos that you’d typically consider unusable, like shots that came out too dark.

Iata noutatile din Camera+ 2.2 :

  • we’ve added a ‘+’ button to the touch focus control to enable you to easily split it into focus and exposure controls (you can still use the two-finger tap to do this)… THAT’S what the ‘+’ in the app icon was supposed to represent all along!
  • multiple photos are now saved to your Camera Roll according to the order they were selected
  • we’ve made it clearer when your camera is autofocusing
  • improved Pinhole effect
  • improved Vintage border
  • fixed a bug where the shutter button sometimes wouldn’t work
  • fixed a bug where photos could’ve been saved to your Camera Roll with an incorrect date/time taken
  • fixed a bug where the timer countdown time could get stuck on the screen
  • fixed a bug where the Cancel buttons in sharing sometimes wouldn’t work
  • various minor bug fixes and enhancements

Camera+ este disponibila in AppStore pentru 0.79€.

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Developer: Inventive, Inc.
Categoria: Photography



If the iPhones standard camera is like a digital point-and-shoot, the Camera+ app is like a high-quality SLR lens.
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