AutoAnswer – raspunde automat si ascunde apelurile primite pe iPhone


AutoAnswer este o aplicatie foarte complexa pentru iPhone/iPod Touch care are o varietate de functii ce ne permit sa administram modul in care sunt primite apelurile telefonice/FaceTime pe terminalele noastre. In primul rand aplicatia ne permite sa setam telefonul sa raspunda automat atunci cand primim un apel telefonic sau FaceTime iar noi avem posibilitatea de a alege pentru care numere de telefon se va raspunde automat si dupa ce interval de timp se raspunde. Pe langa asta aplicatia are o optiune numita Stealth Mode care ne permite sa raspundem la apeluri insa fara a afisa pe ecran ca un apel telefonic este deschis. Apelul este deschis in background insa e monitor nu apare nimic, apelul nu este listat in lista de apeluri insa avem sonor si putem vorbi sau asculta ce se intampla la celalalt capat al firului.

Auto Answer este disponibila in repo-ul BigBoss pentru 4.99$ si functioneaza pe minim iOS 4.2.1.

Requires iOS 4.2.1 or higher

Requires iPhone (not for iPod/iPad)

Auto-Answer Phone & FaceTime calls

Set your phone to automatically answer to specific numbers and FaceTime calls. You can use it for Unattented VideoConference and Remote Area audio/video surveillance too!

AutoAnswer lets you choose numbers that you wish to auto-pickup and your phone will automatically answer the incoming call from those numbers, either instantly or after the amount of seconds you specify.

There is also a Stealth Mode, which you can use for remote surveillance, in which AutoAnswer hides the incoming call completely and the phone does not indicate that it has answered a call while you can monitor audio in the area.

The “stealth” call will not be written to call history and the phone will show no signs of a call (apart from the remote caller’s audio which you can mute).

There is also a feature to hide the application from Settings. If you do hide it, the only way to access it is by opening , dialing ***** (5 stars) and pressing the Call button. You can change this password in my preferences. If you forget the password, you need to type the first 5 digits of your Phone’s IMEI in and press the call button. This will reset the password and all your settings. You can find your phone’s IMEI by dialing: *#06#

AutoAnswer has several uses like: baby-watching over FaceTime, auto-answering specific numbers while driving, while using your phone with a bluetooth headset, instant response to specific calls, untattented video conference (leave an iPhone in some place and call it via FaceTime, keep a constant connection etc) and the stealth mode which is an option that you can turn on/off.

The rest of the applications are up to you.