Prima Pagina aplicatii Onavo – aplicatia care reduce consumul de trafic pe internet

Onavo – aplicatia care reduce consumul de trafic pe internet


Onavo este o aplicatie disponibila in AppStore de cateva zile care promite sa ne micsoreze traficul consumat lunar de pe iPhone, iPod Touch sau tableta iPad. Aplicatia este facuta de o companie americana care sustine ca a dezvoltat o tehnologie care permite micsorarea marimii datelor descarcate de terminalul nostru. Principiul din spatele aplicatiei este foarte simplu: odata ce instalati aplicatia tot traficul facut pe internet este redirectionat printr-un server al dezvoltatorilor aplicatiei, serverul micsoreaza marimea datelor si le retrimite la iDevice. Tehnologia se numeste The Magical Shrinking Machine si conform celor de la Onavo ne reduce consumul de trafic, cu pana la 80%.

“Mobile data doesn’t come for free,” said Rosen, co-founder and chief executive, Onavo. “At home and abroad iPhone users must put up with capped or metered data plans. Travellers are hit the hardest, with data roaming costs effectively turning most smartphones into dumb phones. Onavo gives you the confidence to use your iPhone without being held back by data costs. It’s a no brainer – it simply saves you money. We believe Onavo will become a must-have travel and utility app for any iPhone user.”

Practic sistemul acesta de compresie a datelor este asemantor cu cel oferit de aplicatia Opera care comprima site-urile web inainte de a le afisa pe ecranul terminalului nostru. La Onavo compresia se foloseste pentru aproape orice fel de trafic, exceptie facand stream-urile video, adica vizionarea clipurilor video pe YouTube sau alte site-uri. In aplicatie veti gasi informatii despre numarul de MB “salvati” datorita utilizarii aplicatiei astfel ca veti sti constant cat de eficienta este aplicatia.

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After installing Onavo you are prompted to install a configuration profile which allows the data to be redirected through Onavo’s servers (hosted on Amazon EC2, currently in the United States – more locations to come). Once the data is streamed through our servers we are able show you insights into your data usage, and (if you choose to), compress the data, thus sending much less data back to the operator, causing the user to pay less for his or her data usage.

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Developer: Onavo Mobile Ltd.
Categoria: Utilities

Descriere: Save up to 80% on your data plan
Understand, plan, and manage your data usage
Detailed monthly data usage report
See how much data each app uses
Enjoy more connectivity at no extra cost


Dimensiunea aplicatiei este: 1.4 Mb