Video: SMSEnhancer aduce functii noi pentru aplicatia messages



SMSEnhacer este un nou tweak lansat ieri in Cydia care aduce 2 functii noi pentru aplicatia Messages din iOS. In primul rand avem posibilitatea de a adauga cate un timestamp in dreptul fiecarui mesaj primit, adica in dreptul fiecarui mesaj va fi afisata data si ora la care a fost primit. In al doilea rand avem posibilitatea de a seta cate o poza pentru fiecare dintre contactele noastre. Poza afisata in dreptul fiecarui contact poate fi poza default setata pentru acel contact sau o alta poza aleasa de catre noi.

Tweak-ul poate fi configurat din meniul Settings al iOS insa nu si in iOS 5 unde respectivele meniuri sunt indisponibile. SMSEnhancer este disponbil in repo-ul BigBoss pentru 0.99$.

Enhance your SMS experience with contact pictures right at your SMS app and timestamps for ALL incoming/outgoing SMSes!

SMSEnhancer is a tweak commited to take your SMSing experience to another level. With SMSEnhancer, you get to see your contact’s picture right inside from your SMS app giving you the feeling of a real IM client like iChat.

By default, for every contact that you exchange SMS with, the tweak will look for a picture for that contact from your address book, should you have no picture for a particular contact the tweak will load a default one instead.

Also, the tweak allows you to turn on timestamps for EVERY incoming/outgoing SMS and not just based on certain amounts of time as currently is by default.

No new icons are added to your homescreen. Configure options from your Settings app.