Video: AirServer permite streaming-ul prin AirPlay/AirTunes catre orice iDevice



AirServer este o noua aplicatie lansata ieri in Cydia care transforma iDevice-ul nostru intr-un receiver compatibil cu AirPlay si AirTunes. In mod normal numai Apple TV 2G-urile permit streaming-ul prin AirPlay insa acest nou tweak inlatura aceasta limitare asa ca acum putem face streaming de pe un iDevice pe altul sau de pe un Mac pe un iDevice. Practic daca avem un adaptor HDMI pentru iPad putem face streaming prin AirPlay de pe Mac pe iPad si putem vedea pe un televizor filme direct de pe Mac folosind o tableta iPad sau chiar un iPhone drept intermediar.

AirServer costa 4.99€ insa este o alternativa extrem de ieftina pentru un Apple TV 2G.

AirServer for iOS is the first application that transforms your iOS device into an AirTunes and AirPlay receiver. It’s like having an AirPort Express and Apple TV in the palm of your hand, because it lets you stream audio, videos, photos, and slide shows from your Mac to your iOS device or between iOS devices.

  • iOS 4.0 or newer on device running AirServer.
  • Streaming audio from computer: iTunes 9.2 or newer.
  • Streaming video from computer: iTunes 10.2 or newer
  • Streaming from iOS device: iOS 4.2.1 or newer.
  • DRM protected content is not supported.
  • Devices must be on the same WiFi network.