Video: Legendary Outlaw, un nou FPS interesant pentru platforma iOS



     Legedndary Outlaw este un nou First Person Shooter ce urmeaza sa fie lansat in App Store in viitorul apropiat de catre compania Tongue Game Software. Dupa cum ii spune si numele, jocul are drept motiv central vestul salbatic american in care noi vom putea utiliza toate armele respectivei perioade si vom putea distruge tot ceea ce ne iese in cale. Dezvoltatorii jocului sustin ca au pregatite nu mai putin de 12 environment-uri tematice in care vom fi nevoiti sa evadam dintr-o inchisoare, sa ne luptam cu alte bande de hoti plus multe multe altele. Iata principalele caracteristici ale jocului :

  • Feeling curious? Freely explore twelve highly detailed environments that take you from breaking out of your jail cell, to hiding out in the foothills with bandits, and finally to roaming the caverns of Kaufman.
  • Dual weapons support.  Why holster one weapon when you can hold a weapon in each hand?  Dual weapons allow you to bring massive fire power to your enemies!
  • Ninja-like gameplay!  Perform interactive real-time stealth assasinations by sneaking in the dark and performing instant kills to your enemies from behind.
  • To close for comfort?  Go mano-y-mano with your opponents with brawl fights!
  • Had a bad day?  Mow down enemies using a revolver, shotgun, sawed-off double-barrel, and/or gatlin gun.
  • Got a light on you? Kill two birds or three with dynamite and moltov cocktails.
  • What time is it?  Perform bullet-time action moves by running up walls or executing barrel roll moves – “Lethal Weapon Style”.

     Legendary Outlaw este facut cu ajutorul unui motor grafic performant deci vom avea parte de o experienta foarte interesanta pentru iDevice-urile noastre, Compania dezvoltatoare a anuntat ca va lansa jocul saptamana viitoare in App Store pentru toate iDevice-urile compatibile cu iOS 4 si eu unul abia astept sa il testez.