iOS 5.0.1 cauzeaza probleme mari cu pierderea semnalului pe terminale iPhone


   Saptamana trecuta in Romania se lansa iPhone 4S la marii operatori de telefonie mobila din Romania si imediat dupa au inceput sa apara primele probleme legate de pierderea semnalului in timpul utilizarii dispozitivului. Ei bine vorbim despre o problema globala deoarece si in SUA si in alte tari europene posesorii de terminale iPhone cu iOS 5/5.0.1 experimenteaza exact acelasi gen de probleme. Pe forumurile de discutii ale Apple exista un thread lung in care utilizatorii se plang de faptul ca terminalele iPhone pierd semnal din senin. Se pare ca si operatorii europeni au primit foarte multe plangeri legate de acelasi lucru si problema este software, nu hardware.

I’ve been using an iPhone 4 on a Vodafone contract for the past 16 months and just bought an iPhone 4S direct from Apple. It arrived on Friday morning and I got it set up correctly as far as I can tell. When I first turn it on, it works lovely and exactly as I would expect, able to make calls, send texts and access the internet via the cellular network. However, at what appears to be random, the network will disappear (no bars of signal) stopping me making calls and texts, but still allowing me to access the internet. Sometimes, the internet goes, but I can still make calls and texts. Other times, everything is gone and I get “No Signal” where it normally says Vodafone UK.

So when trying to fix this problem after it’s noticed, I try putting it into Airplane mode and back out. The phone scans for a network and goes back to the same state as before I tried this fix. I have tried resetting network settings, but this doesn’t change anything. The only thing that actually fixes it temporarily is turning the phone right off and back on again.

   In aparenta PIN-ul setat unei cartele ar trebui sa fie de vina pentru pierderea semnalului, terminalul facand o resetare a conexiunii din cauza unor permisiuni gresite implementate de Apple. Din pacate scoaterea PIN-ului nu a rezolvat problema pentru toti utilizatorii asa ca nu ramane decat sa vedem cand isi va gasi Apple timp sa lanseze iOS 5.0.2 care sa rezolve toate problemele pe care utilizatorii le experimenteaza. O schimbare a terminalului in garantie AR PUTEA fi o solutie insa ar putea sa nu rezolve absolut nimic avand in vedere ca totul sta in software si nu in hardware.

It’s not a hardware issue, it’s software. For some reason, iOS is cycling the radio on and off, I’m guessing something mixed up with SIM pin permissions. What I had to do was turn on SIM pin, then off, at which point it demanded the PUK code. I was able to get it online through my ATT account. After I entered that PUK, then went back into settings and turned SIM pin off, I haven’t had any problems.

    Am in casa 3 terminale iPhone, doua au PIN la cartela si nu au probleme cu pierderea completa a semnalului, deci este o chestie care tine de backup-uri sau de modul in care este configurat dispozitivul.