Video: Chair publica o serie de trucuri care te ajuta sa te pregatesti pentru lansarea Infinity Blade 2



   Desi extrem de multa lume asteapta lansarea Infinity Blade 2, cei de la Chair Entertainment s-au gandit sa promoveze jocul cu ajutorul unui renumit instructor de fitness din SUA. Compania americana i-a propus instructorului sa gandeasca o serie de pasi pe care un utilizator ii poate face pentru a isi pregati degetele pentru lansarea jocului Infinity Blade 2 in App Store. Mai sus aveti un clip video cu instructorul aratand cateva miscari care sincer sa fiu ar trebuie facute de oricine, daca poate, iar mai jos aveti cateva imagini cu miscarile care trebuie facute pentru a va pregati mainile.

   Campania este interesanta si cu siguranta va aduce Infinity Blade in atentia multor utilizatori.

1. Rubberband Splay: This is the reverse movement of gripping something. Train the reverse muscles in your hands and wrist to strengthen them.

Take a rubber band and place it around your thumb and fingertips. Touch all of your fingers together. Splay your fingers as far as you can stretch them and fight the resistance of the rubberband. Touch all of your fingers together again. That’s one rep. Do 20 on each hand.

2. Book Grip: Test your grip endurance. Can you hold for 20 seconds with just your index finger and thumb?

  • Beginner: Grab two heavy books, hold them together, and grip them with your thumb and all of your fingers. Shoot for 20 seconds.
  • Intermediate: Grip with your thumb and only your middle and ring finger. Shoot for 20 seconds.
  • Hero: Grip with your thumb and index finger. Shoot for 20 seconds.

3. Quarter Toss: Improve your reflexes and hand-eye coordination.

Grab a quarter, lay your hand flat, and place it on your fingers. In one motion, flick your wrist, sending the quarter flying through the air. Grab the quarter mid-air quickly. That’s one rep. Perform 10 reps on each hand.

4. Sandbag or Tennis Ball Dynamic Grip: Strengthen the muscles in your hands, fingers and wrists.

Hold a hot pad (shown) or a tennis ball in your hand with an underhand grip. Squeeze as hard as you can and hold for 2 seconds. Release your grip and repeat. Go for 30 reps on each hand.

5. Wrist and Forearm Stretch: After all that hardcore hero finger training, stretch your muscles in your wrist and forearms before you play Infinity Blade 2.

Put your hand flat in front of you. Grab the fingers of that hand with your other hand and gently pull your fingers toward your body, keeping your arm straight. You should feel a pull in your forearm and wrist. Hold for 30 seconds. Do 1 set for each hand.