Prima Pagina games Video: Streetbike: Full Blast- un nou racing game de la Chillinho

Video: Streetbike: Full Blast- un nou racing game de la Chillinho


  Streetbike: Full Blast este un nou racing game lansat in cursul serii trecute de catre Chillingo in App Store pentru posesorii de iDevice-uri. Dupa cum puteti observa si din clipul video de mai sus, vorbim despre un joc dedicat pasionatilor de curse cu motociclete insa nu va asteptati la prea multe de la el. Pe partea grafica jocul nu pare sa uimeasca prin ceva insa Chillingo a pus accentul pe gameplay-ul care ar trebui sa  tina ocupat pentru cateva ore bune orice fan al acestui gen de sport.

   Iata principalele caracteristici ale Streebike: Full Blast:

Find the perfect racing line in each track to take first place. Look out for traffic though or you’ll take a nasty spill! Weave in and out of traffic at high speed using the sensitive, well tuned and fully customizable controls.

With a ton of bikes and plenty of leagues to unlock there’s enough content in Street Bike: Full Blast to keep you racing enthusiasts entertained for hours!

Race and beat the other racers across an incredible nine different leagues from Newcomer League to the elusive and ultra challenging All-Stars League!

  Streetbike: Full Blast este disponibil pentru 0.79€ in App Store insa este compatibil doar cu iPhone/iPod Touch.

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Streetbike: Full Blast



Developer: Chillingo Ltd
Categoria: Games

Descriere: Get ready to race
Race your superbike against other racers or against the clock in this throwback to classic arcade bike-racers. Watch scenery fly by as you power through complex and exciting tracks at breakneck speed!

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Dimensiunea aplicatiei este: 201.4 Mb

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