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Apple – cel mai mare vanzator de PC-uri daca luam in calcul tableta iPad?

   Inca de la lansarea tabletei iPad unii analisti americani au integrat vanzarile tabletei in cele ale PC-urilor companiei Apple spunand ca, compania din Cupertino este cel mai mare producator de PC-uri din lume. Acum un analist al Deutsche Bank vine si face exact acelasi lucru construind un grafic in care sustine ca Apple are o cota de piata de aproximativ 23% pe piata PC-urilor multumita tabletei iPad. Conform acestui grafic Apple ar vinde mai multe “PC-uri” decat Dell, Acer, HP sau Lenovo si vorbim despre cifre de vanzari la nivel global.

2011 was supposed to be the year of the Android tablet. One year later, Android tablets have failed to meet expectations and for the most part have been unsuccessful. This year, tablets had a much smaller presence as vendors appear to be placing greater emphasis on Windows 8.

   Problema cu graficul de mai sus sta in faptul ca analistul american a inclus vanzarile pentru iPad doar in Q3 2011 si a “omis” sa includa vanzarile de tablete inregistrate de ceilalti vanzatori de PC-uri. Chiar daca acestea nu sunt insemnate, poate Apple nu s-ar mai fi clasat pe primul loc desi a vandut peste 10 milioane de tablete iPad in Q3 2011. In concluzie, tableta iPad nu trebuie luata in considerare cand discutam despre vanzarile de PC-uri si graficele care sustin acest lucru sunt cat se poate de gresite.

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    Update: An IDC rep has weighed in on Whitmore’s chart: “It appears the Deutsche Bank analyst simply added Apple’s iPad shipment number onto the Apple total for Q3 to make his point (conveniently ignoring tablets made by other PC manufacturers, most notably Acer). And he also didn’t bother to add in iPad shipments over the previous quarters, leading to the rather distorted hockey stick on the end of the chart. Not exactly the best analysis or presentation of the data, in my opinion.”

    Whitmore could not be reached for comment.

    Si din reportul original al idg sunt cu totul alte statistici:

    Apple continued to drive worldwide media tablet shipments in 3Q11. The company shipped 11.1 million units in 3Q11, up from 9.3 million units in 2Q11. That represents a 61.5% worldwide market share (down from 63.3% in 2Q11). HP entered and left the market in 3Q11 with its TouchPad product. The company shipped 903,354 units to grab a 5% share of the worldwide market, number three behind Samsung’s 5.6% market share. After IDC updated its taxonomy to move LCD-based devices such as Barnes & Noble’s Nook Color into the media tablet category, Barnes & Noble shipped 805,458 units to achieve the number four spot with a 4.5% market share. ASUS rounded out the top five with a 4% share.

    After ceding share in 3Q11 (down to 32.4% from 33.2% the previous quarter), IDC expects Android to make dramatic share gains in 4Q11 growing to 40.3%. That increase is due mostly to the entrance of Amazon’s Kindle Fire, and to a lesser extent the Barnes & Noble Nook Tablet, into the market. The share increase comes at the expense of Blackberry (slipping from 1.1% to 0.7%), iOS (slipping from 61.5% to 59.0%), and webOS (slipping from 5% to 0%). Despite HP’s announcement last week that it would contribute webOS to the Open Source community, IDC does not believe the operating system will reappear in the media tablet market in any meaningful way going forward.

    Oricum, raportul original este aici:

  • Wow, oare nu am spus asta deja in articol? Lasand la o parte cifrele de vanzari si cotele alea de piata.

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    Nu ti se pare ca sunt importante. Chiar mai importante decat aberatiile lui Whitmore?

  • Not really, le-am prezentat si eu cand a fost cazul. Alea sunt cifre pe Q3 care s-a terminat in octombrie, noi suntem in ianuarie 2012, s-a terminat si Q4.