Apple ar putea investi aproape 10 miliarde de dolari in Foxconn


  Foxconn este cel mai mare si mai important partener al companiei Apple si se pare ca o investitie de  aproape 10 miliarde de dolari ar putea ajunge in China direct din SUA. Informatiile sunt disponibile doar cu titlul de zvon in momentul de fata insa se pare ca acele 10 miliarde de dolari ar putea fi investiti sub forma achizitionarii unei parti a companiei, Apple urmand sa devina un actionar al Foxconn. In momentul de fata Foxconn valoreaza aproximativ 40 de miliarde de dolari si o investitie de 10 miliarde de dolari ar creste serios interesul investitorilor in cel mai mare producator de iDevice-uri.

…which said that Apple was preparing to make a massive $9.76 billion investment in Hon Hai, which was going to issue new shares in the form of global depositary receipts (GDRs) to make Apple its second largest shareholder. Hon Hai currently has a market capitalization of about $40 billion, meaning an investment that size, presuming it was new shares, would make Apple the owner of about 20 percent of Hon Hai’s shares. From a cash standpoint, the investment would represent a minor amount of money for Apple, which has so much cash at this point—around $100 billion to be exact—that it took the unusual step last month of restoring a dividend for shareholders after a 17 year gap, and also said it would buy back another $10 billion worth of its stock. From a strategic standpoint, it makes perfect sense for Apple to make such a large investment in one of its biggest manufacturing partners, which shows not only its commitment to the health of that partner but also to the efficient and ethical running of its operations.

  O investitie atat de mare in cel mai mare partener al sau ar oferi companiei Apple un avantaj strategic major in fata competitorilor directi si ar ajuta-o sa reduca semnificativ costurile de productie a iDevice-urilor. Chiar daca aceste speculatii nu vor duce la o investitie atat de mare, nu este exclus ca in viitor Apple sa investeasca multi bani in Foxconn avand in vedere ca are nevoie de mult mai multe linii de productie pentru iDevice-urile sale si costurile de productie nu vor scadea in viitorul apropiat. Foxconn si Apple au  o relatie extrem de stransa si cele 100 de miliarde de dolari pe care Apple ii are la dispozitie o vor ajuta sa incheie cateva parteneriate strategide importante in viitor.