Voice Assistant seamana cu Siri si este disponibil in App Store

Desi acum cateva saptamani cei de la Apple pareau porniti sa scoata din App Store toate aplicatiile care reproduc functionalitatea celebrului asistent personal Siri prezent in iPhone 4S, iata ca unele aplicatii care ofera functionalitate similara sunt disponibile pentru achizitie pentru toata lumea. Una dintre aceste aplicatii este Voice Assistent si in imaginea de mai sus aveti o sumara prezentare a aplicatiei care promite sa scrie dupa dictare insa nu poate interactiona cu diverse aplicatii disponibile deja in App Store deci vorbim despre o aplicatie fara prea multa functionalitate.

I am myself very surprised by the success of my app that started as a small hobby and has now enjoyed unexpected success all over the world. People who have older iPhone models want the same functions Siri has, such as dictation, and my app is very unique compared to its competitors in the market. I get roughly 400 emails a day from customers telling me how wonderful the product is and some of them are giving me enhancement requests that I strive to include in the updates. I am thrilled to see the customers responses to my app and it really keeps me developing more features. I guess its a miracle that Apple didnt reject it in the first place as I have heard of other similar apps getting rejected.

Dezvoltatoarea ei sustine ca nu stie cum a aprobat-o Apple in App Store insa deocamdata ea se claseaza in top 10 cele mai achizitionate aplicatii din App Store SUA si este descarcata de zeci de mii de persoane in fiecare zi. Popularitatea aplicatiei nu apre sa fi atras inca atentia companiei Apple insa e greu de crezut ca lucrurile nu se vor schimba avand in vedere ca aplicatia seamana destul de mult cu Siri atat in ceea ce priveste interfata cat si functionalitatea. Cat va mai fi disponibila aplicatia in App Store nu stie nimeni insa modul in care sunt verificate aplicatiile este departe de a fi corect.

Pretul initial:
Voice Assistant – Just use your voice



Developer: Nathalie Daumas
Categoria: Productivity


Voice Assistant is an easy-to-use voice recognition application that allows you to easily speak and instantly see your text or email messages. In fact, it…

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