Prima Pagina aplicatii SwipeDock iti permite sa ascunzi dock-ul din iOS

SwipeDock iti permite sa ascunzi dock-ul din iOS


  SwipeDock este un tweak lansat in cursul serii trecute in Cydia iar cu ajutorul sau puteti ascunde dock-ul cu iconite afisat in ecranul principal al iOS. Printr-un simplu swipe facut in ecranul principal al iOS ascundeti dock-ul si extindeti spatiul in care pot fi afisate iconitele aplicatiilor voastre, tweak-ul permitandu-ne fie sa afisam 4 randuri de iconite intr-un mod mult mai “lejer”, sau sa adaugam un al cincilea rand de iconite direct in ecranul principal. SwipeDock are un meniu de setari in aplicatia Settings iar in el puteti specifica animatiile care apar atunci cand ascundeti dock si daca doriti puteti specifica un gest personalizat care va permite sa actionati functionalitatea tweak-ului.

SwipeDock adds space to your HomeScreen by hiding the dock. Just swipe down your home screen (where the icons are visible) and the dock will disappear. SwipeDock can also add an additional row to bring a total of five rows of icons instead of four. It currently offers nine different animations. SwipeDock supports the iPhone, the iPod Touch and the iPad running iOS 4.0 and higher. If you don’t want to use the built-in gestures, you can use an Activator action instead. Settings for this tweak can be found in the normal Settings app.

  SwipeDock functioneaza pe iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch-urile cu iOS 4/5 si este disponibil pentru 0.99$ in Cydia.