UPDATE: “iPhone 5” ajunge si la IFA Berlin 2012(Video)



  Desi pana acum terminalele iPhone 5 asamblate pe bucati erau prezentate doar de catre producatori de accesorii din Asia, iata ca la IFA Berlin 2012 a ajuns un iPhone 5 asamblat de israelieni. Practic vorbim despre carcasa terminalului care a fost asamblata fara componente interne si doar in ideea a prezenta modul in care va arata terminalul. Totul arata exact la fel precum restul carcaselor prezentate pana acum, deci toata lumea lucreaza cu aceleasi  materiale si ramane doar sa vede cu ce lucreaza Apple.

UPDATE: Doi editori au reusit sa se joace putin cu terminalul cosntruit folosind componente care se pare ca vor ajunge in iPhone 5 si ei sustin ca toate imaginile prezentate pana acum se coroboreaza cu acea carcasa, iar iPhone 5 va arata intr-adevar exact asa precum l-am vazut de atatea ori. Desi macheta din imagini era nefunctionala, ei sustin ca iOS 6 va afisa 5 randuri de iconite si dispozitivul va avea un dock cu 8/9 pini, insa experienta lor se bazeaza o macheta construita de o companie israeliana.

While the unit we saw was non-functional, we can confirm several aspects of the product’s design, as well as how iOS 6 will look on Apple’s next flagship smartphone. Many of these are details we’ve previously reported from other sources, however today we can confirm them following hands-on time with the unit.

The iPhone 5 is approximately as wide as the current 4S, only taller, and sporting a widescreen display. There’s a smaller home button underneath, and the Home screen now sports five rows of icons on account of the extra real estate. As iMore reported earlier, there’s a new, smaller Dock connector down below, in addition to a 3.5mm headphone jack. The bottom face of the design is peppered with a large speaker grille, alongside those other components. Around the back, there’s a brushed metal rear panel decorated with a shiny Apple logo.