Prima Pagina Apple Iata ce comenzi poti folosi cu Siri in iOS 6

Iata ce comenzi poti folosi cu Siri in iOS 6

  In iOS 6 Apple a extins functionalitatea asistentului persona Siri, implementand cateva lucruri noi, partial utile si in Romania. Asistentul nu intelege deocamdata limba romana si nici nu cred ca o va intelege prea curand, insa daca vorbiti engleza cat de cat corect, ar trebui sa va intelegeti cu el deoarece Apple i-a imbunatatit destul de mult capacitatea de a intelege cuvintele rostite de utilizatori. In aceasta idee va ofer o lista a comenzilor pe care le puteti utiliza in iOS 6 cu Siri, comenzile trebuie rostite in limba engleza, altfel nu functioneaza.

  In iOS 6 Siri functioneaza pe iPhone 4S, iPhone 5, iPad 3 si iPod Touch 5G.

Intrebari legate de agenda de contacte

  • What’s Emily’s address?
  • What is Susan Park’s phone number?
  • When is my wife’s birthday?
  • Show Lindsey’s home email address
  • What’s my brother’s work address?

Intrebari legate de gasirea contactelor in agenda

  • Show Brian Conway
  • Find people named Park
  • Who is Jimmy Patrick?

Stabilirea de legaturi cu persoanele inscrise in agenda de contacte

  • My mom is Susan Park
  • Jimmy Patrick is my brother
  • Call my brother at work

Comnezi pentru deschiderea oricaror aplicatii

  • Open Photos
  • Play Infinity Blade II

Comenzi pentru adaugarea de evenimente in calendar

  • Set up a meeting at 9
  • Set up a meeting with Jimmy at 9
  • Meet with Emily at noon
  • Set up a meeting about hiring tomorrow at 9am
  • New appointment with Susan Park Friday at 3
  • Schedule a planning meeting at 8:30 today in the boardroom

Comenzi cu ajutorul carora poti schimba evenimentele din calendar

  • Move my 3pm meeting to 4:30
  • Reschedule my appointment with Dr. Patrick to next Monday at 9am
  • Add Emily to my meeting with Brian
  • Cancel the budget review meeting

Intrebari cu ajutorul carora poti afla ce contine calendarul tau pentru o anumita zi

  • What does the rest of my day look like?
  • What’s on my calendar for Friday?
  • When is my next appointment?
  • When am I meeting with Jimmy?
  • Where is my next meeting?

Comenzi pentru controlarea alarmelor

  • Wake me up tomorrow at 7am
  • Set an alarm for 6:30am
  • Wake me up in 8 hours
  • Change my 6:30 alarm to 6:45
  • Turn off my 6:30 alarm
  • Delete my 7:30 alarm

Comenzi pentru controlarea aplicatiei Clock

  • What time is it in Berlin?
  • What is today’s date?
  • What’s the date this Saturday?

Comenzi pentru controlarea cronometrului aplicatiei clock

  • Set the timer for ten minutes
  • Show the timer
  • Pause the timer
  • Resume
  • Reset the timer
  • Stop it

Comenzi cu ajutorul carora poti trimite un email

  • Email Emily about the trip
  • Email Lindsey about the change in plans
  • New email to Susan Park
  • Mail Dad about the rent check
  • Email Dr. Patrick and say I got the forms, thanks
  • Mail Emily and Brian about the party and say I had a great time

Comenzi cu ajutorul carora poti verifica propria casuta de email

  • Check email
  • Any new email from Jimmy today?
  • Show new mail about the lease
  • Show the email from Emily yesterday

Comenzi cu ajutorul carora poti raspunde la email-uri

  • Reply Dear Susan sorry about the late payment
  • Call him at work


  • FaceTime Brian
  • Make a FaceTime call to Susan Park


  • Post to Facebook headed to the new Pixar movie
  • Write on my wall just landed in San Jose!


  • Where’s Brian?
  • Where is my sister?
  • Is my wife at home?
  • Where are all my friends?
  • Who is here?
  • Who is near me?
  • Let me know when Jimmy leaves home
  • Let Susan know when I leave work

Comenzi care il obliga pe Siri sa citeasca mesajele din Lockscreen

  • Read my notifications
  • Do I have any new messages?


  • Show me the Golden Gate Bridge
  • Show me a map of 1 Infinite Loop Cupertino California

Comenzi cu ajutorul carora poti descoperi business-uri locale – doar SUA

  • Find coffee near me
  • Where’s the nearest coffee shop?
  • Find a gas station near work


  • How do I get home?
  • Directions to my dad’s work
  • Get me directions from San Francisco to Santa Barbara
  • What’s my next turn?
  • Are we there yet?
  • What’s my ETA?
  • Find a florist along my current route

Comenzi pentru trimiterea citirea si raspunderea la mesaje

  • Tell Susan I’ll be right there
  • Send a message to Brian Conway
  • Send a message to Emily saying how about tomorrow
  • Tell Lindsey the show was great
  • Send a message to Susan on her mobile saying I’ll be late
  • Send a message to 408 555 1212
  • Text Brian and Emily where are you?
  • Read my new messages
  • Read it again
  • Reply that’s great news
  • Tell him I’ll be there in 10 minutes
  • Call her

Comenzi cu ajutorul carora poti afla informatii despre filme – Doar SUA

  • Find Disney movies
  • What comedies are playing?
  • Who starred in Tron Legacy?
  • Who directed Finding Nemo?
  • What is Toy Story 3 rated?


  • I want to see the new Pixar movie
  • What’s playing at the movies tomorrow?
  • What’s playing at Main Street Cinema

Descoperirea de cinematografe – Doar SUA

  • Find some movie theaters near my office

Cautarea de review-uri pentru filme

  • Show me the reviews for Toy Story 3

Comanda care te ajuta sa afli ce premii a castigat un film

  • Which movie won Best Picture in 1983?


  • Play Walk by Foo Fighters
  • Play Little Broken Hearts shuffled
  • Play Norah Jones
  • Play some blues
  • Play my party mix
  • Shuffle my roadtrip playlist
  • Play
  • Pause
  • Skip


  • Note that I spent $12 on lunch
  • Note to self: check out that new Norah Jones album
  • Find my meeting notes
  • Show me my notes from June 25


  • Call Brian
  • Call Emily’s mobile
  • Call Susan on her work phone
  • Call 408 555 1212
  • Call home
  • FaceTime Emily


  • Add artichokes to my grocery list
  • Add skydiving to my bucket list
  • Remind me to call mom
  • Remind me to call my mom when I get home
  • Remember to take an umbrella
  • Remind me take my medicine at 6am tomorrow
  • Remind me to pick up flowers when I leave here
  • Remind me when I leave to call Brian
  • Remind me to finish the report by 6
  • Victor Agreda is my hairdresser
  • Kelly Guimont is my colleague

Comenzi cu ajutorul carora poti cauta restaurante, review-uri pentru ele si poti face rezervari – Doar SUA

  • Find some burger joints in Baltimore
  • Good Mexican restaurants around here
  • Table for four in Palo Alto tonight
  • Make a reservation at a romantic Italian restaurant tonight at 7pm
  • Show me the reviews for Seven Hills in San Francisco

Comenzi cu ajutorul carora poti afla scoruri pentru meciuri – Acopera informatii pentru echipe din anumite tari

  • Did the Giants win?
  • How did Kansas City do?
  • What was the score the last time the Tigers played the Red Sox?
  • Show me the football scores from last night

Comenzi cu ajutorul carora poti afla programele meciurilor, informatii despre echipe si informatii despre jucatori – Acopera informatii pentru echipe din anumite tari

  • When do the Giants play next?
  • When is the Boston Red Sox’s first game of the season?
  • Show me the schedule for baseball
  • Who has the highest slugging percentage?
  • Who has the most home runs on the Giants?
  • Who has the most goals in soccer?
  • Which quarterback has the most passing yards
  • Show me the roster for the Dodgers
  • Who is pitching for the Miami Marlins this season?
  • Is anyone on the Red Sox injured?


  • What’s Apple’s stock price?
  • What is Apple’s PE ratio?
  • What did Yahoo close at today?
  • How is the Nikkei doing?
  • How are the markets doing?
  • What is the Dow at?


  • Post to Twitter another beautiful day in Cupertino
  • Tweet with my location great concert
  • Tweet meeting up with Brian Conway for lunch today
  • Tweet the new iPad looks insanely great! hashtag Apple Keynote

Aplicatia Weather

  • What’s the weather for today?
  • What’s the weather for tomorrow?
  • Will it rain in Cupertino this week?
  • Check next week’s forecast for Burlington
  • What’s the forecast for this evening?
  • How’s the weather in Tampa right now?
  • How hot will it be in Palm Springs this weekend?
  • What’s the high for Anchorage on Thursday?
  • What’s the temperature outside?
  • How windy is it out there?
  • When is sunrise in Paris?

Comenzi care te ajuta sa cauti pe web

  • Search the web for polar bears
  • Search for vegetarian pasta recipes
  • Search the web for best cable plans
  • Search Wikipedia for Abraham Lincoln
  • Bing Foo Fighters (We know, we know. Sorry.)

Comenzi care te ajuta sa cauti informatii folosind Wolfram Alpha

  • What does repartee mean?
  • How many calories in a bagel?
  • What is an 18% tip on $86.74 for four people?
  • Who’s buried in Grant’s tomb?
  • How long do dogs live?
  • What is the Gossamer Condor?
  • What’s the square root of 128?
  • How many dollars is €45?
  • How many days until Christmas?
  • How far away is the Sun?
  • When is the next solar eclipse?
  • Show me the Orion constellation
  • What’s the population of Jamaica?
  • How high is Mt. Everest?
  • How deep is the Atlantic ocean?
  • What’s the price of gasoline in Chicago?
  • Styl

    Io il folosesc in italuana si cateodata merge perfect … Cate o data nu merge deloc …

  • TheDog

    hmm de retinut acest articol… cea mai interesanta comanda mi se pare cea prin care opresti alarma dimineata 😀

  • Adeline

    Comenzile cu care poti afla informatii despre filme merg si in Romania (rating, actori, care sunt cele mai noi filme disney, regizori etc). Doar informatiile despre showtime nu ti le poate acorda (Siri raspunde cu “I do not have the showtimes for Bucharest” sau “I cannot search theaters in Bucharest”.)

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