Prima Pagina Cydia Safari Downloader te ajuta sa descarci rapid fisiere folosind Safari

Safari Downloader te ajuta sa descarci rapid fisiere folosind Safari

  Safari Downloader este un tweak lansat in cursul acestei nopti in Cydia, iar cu ajutorul sau puteti descarca rapid fisiere de pe orice website-uri. Tweak-ul implementeaza in Safari o functionalitate care nu a fost inclusa de catre Apple, insa Safari Download Manager o oferea de ceva vreme, dar in schimbul unui pret. Safari Downloader o ofera gratuit intr-un mod rudimentar, tweak-ul neavand un manager pentru descarcari, insa din meniul sau de setari puteti macar sa alegeti folderul in care sunt descarcate fiserelre care mai apoi pot fi deschise cu iFile.

Safari Downloader is a AWESOME tweak witch allows you to download files via safari VERY FAST. To download a file, simply click on the link and when it opens a new tab, safari will load and ask if you would like to download the file. When downloading files, they dont download to a tempory directory and move it, it downloads straight to where ever you choose.

  Safari Downloader este disponibil gratuit in repo-ul ModMyi al Cydia si este teoretic 100% compatibil cu toate iDevice-urile care au macar iOS 5 instalat pe propriile dispozitive.

Now if you had previously had iFile installed, or Myfile also in this case, this tweak won’t (at the moment) work for you! this is because when either iFile or Myfile is installed it doesnt remove everything on removal, which then leaves the downloads tempory open and makes the tweak not work because iFile or Myfile hasnt changed these values or modifications in that section. I was hoping i could have added more to this on first release but i had a pretty bad day myself.