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Un nou senzor pentru iPhone va fi capabil sa detecteze mirosurile si gusturile

  In ultimii ani tehnologia a evoluat intr-un ritm alert si in momentul de fata suntem pe punctul de a avea accesorii pentru iPhone ce sunt capabile sa detecteze mirosurile si gusturile. Un nou astfel de accesoriu este dezvoltat in SUA, el putand percepe mirosurile placute sau neplacute din mediul inconjurator, insa el va putea detecta chiar si gusturile mancarurilor si nu numai. Tehnologia din spatele acestui produs este, teoretic, mai avansata decat orice altceva existent pe piata, senzorii din accesoriul pentru iPhone fiind de 4 ori mai multi decat cei din nasul uman, capacitatea de perceptie a senzorului apropiindu-se de cea a unui caine.

A computer can easily identify a chemical in the air, but put a bunch of them together and it’s stumped. For instance, humans can tell when there’s pizza and chocolate chip cookies in the same room. Computers have a harder time with that. The sense of smell he’s developed is pretty sophisticated, too, he says. The average human nose has about 400 “sensors” that pick out various chemicals in the air and identify them (like knowing what pizza smells like). Adamant’s tech has about 2,000 sensors, which is akin to a dog’s nose, Khamis explained.

  Accesoriul pentru iPhone va fi disponibil pe piata in maxim 2 ani de zile, va avea un pret de pana in 100$ si teoretic ar trebui sa fie o tehnologie avansata pentru anii 2014/2015. Dezvoltatorii accesoriului spun ca utilizatorii l-ar putea folosi in principal pentru a-si “verifica” respiratia, pentru scopuri metabolice, sau chiar in scopuri medicale.

“Halitosis, or bad breath tracking, is something we’re really interested in,” he laughs. It’s the kind of thing that not even “your best friend will tell you.” The app will not only warn you, but tell you what caused it, he says. Other planned apps include realtime metabolic tracking, meaning telling you exactly how many calories you are burning at any given moment. He also sees breathalyzer apps that can monitor medical conditions, like diabetes, or test blood alcohol.