Ashton Kutcher si Josh Gad vorbesc la Macworld 2013 despre jOBS


  Astazi a inceput MacWorld 2013, iar Ashton Kutcher si Josh Gad au fost prezenti la evenimentul de deschidere pentru a discuta despre pelicula jOBS, care va avea premiera in cinematografe pe data de 19 aprilie. Kutcher a vorbit despre incercarea sa de a il reproduce cat se poate de fidel pe Steve Jobs in pelicula, despre felul in care el isi ghideaza investitiile in baza modului in care a actionat fostul CEO Apple, dar si despre multe altele. Actorii sustin ca au incercat sa prezinte cat se poate de exact evenimentele din viata co-fondatorilor companiei Apple, au incercat sa corecteze neregularitatile, insa desigur ca e imposibil sa faci totul exact, mai ales cand Steve Wozniak refuza sa te ajute.

Acting is by its very nature faking, you don’t really become that person unless you’re psychotic,” joked Gad. “Working with Ashton, knowing him as a comedic actor and seeing his technical savvy was mind blowing. I remember shooting a scene in the original garage. Ashton came in and saw something in the background on a workbench and said ‘this wouldn’t have been built for another year, get rid of that. For me, this is an iconic hero and someone I try to emulate when I talk to founders about stuff.

  Multe detalii le puteti citi aici, film este inda departe de premiera.

I started reaching out to folks who knew him and worked with him early in his career and late in his career. o try to deconstruct who he was. Ashton had already been on board the project for three weeks. I had sat down and talked to the directo Josh Sterna about taking on this thing. and I was terrified. Here’s a person who’s in the public consciousness. Honest to god, my knowledge of Steve Wozniak was Dancing With The Stars…so I didn’t know what the hell I was getting into.