Prima Pagina aplicatii Music Controls Pro 6.0+ iti ofera posibilitatea de a controla aplicatia Music...

Music Controls Pro 6.0+ iti ofera posibilitatea de a controla aplicatia Music din orice meniu al iOS


  Music Controls Pro este un tweak lansat anul trecut in Cydia, el permitandu-ne sa controlam aplicatia Music din orice meniul al iOS-ului iDevice-urilor noastre. Versiunea compatibila cu iOS 6.0 este acum disponibila in Cydia, intr-un format beta, ea incearca sa ne aduca toate functiile disponibile in versiunea dezvoltata pentru iOS 5 si pentru inceput reuseste. Majoritatea functiilor care ne permit sa controlam muzica din iOS si sa vizionam informatii sunt disponibile, insa din pacate indisponibile sunt functiile care permit conectarea la accesorii, sau posibilitatea de a rula clipuri video in background.

  Folosind Music Controls Pro 6.0+ putem vizualiza oriunde in iOS, inclusiv in Notifications Center sau task switcher, informatii despre melodiile care ruleaza in aplicatia Music, dar avem la dispozitie inclusiv comenzi pentru play/pause/stop, ele fiind accesibile cu ajutorul unor swipe-uri. Tweak-ul afiseaza si in status bar melodia care ruleaza in acel moment pe terminal, deci veti sti oricand ce ascultati. Music Controls Pro 6.0+ este disponibil gratuit in Cydia, insa functioneaza in baza unei licente trial de 5 zile, dupa care trebuie achizitionat.

Music Controls Pro is discounted while we work to bring all of your favorite features back. There’s no better excuse to grab it now! 5-day full trial available! Music Controls Pro is the only software you’ll need to control your music. It provides seamless integration into your phone so you can control your music however you want.

  • Swipe controls to quickly switch tracks or adjust the volume – available on the lockscreen or even when the display is off!
  • Swipe timeout options to prevent accidental pocket presses and prolong your battery!
  •  for track info, swipe support, and volume/brightness support!
  • Task controls for seeing your artwork and more!
  • Statusbar integration to always know what’s playing!

And we hope to bring these features back soon:

  • Third-party track info supported for many popular music apps! (MC Pro may already work with your music apps).

  • AVRCP v1.3 support to see what’s playing on your Bluetooth device!

  • Video app backgrounding that won’t pause the video!

  • Remote service for wirelessly controlling music from another device!

  • Dock integration to see what’s playing on your stereo!

  • Other goodies like swapping the volume buttons when your screen is upside down!