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Remote Messages 2 (iOS 6+) iti permite sa trimiti iMessage/SMS-uri direct de pe calculator sau o tableta


  Remote Messages este un tweak lansat acum cateva luni in Cydia, iar el ne permite sa folosim un calculator sau o tableta pentru a trimite iMessage/SMS-uri prin intermediul unui iPhone. In acest articol v-am explicat functionalitatea tweak-ului, iar astazi va spun ca Remote Messages 2 (iOS 6+) este disponibil in Cydia si el aduce compatibilitate pentru noul iOS 6. Tweak-ul functioneaza cu ajutorul unui web server care este generat in iPhone si permite accesarea unei interfate de control cu ajutorul unui browser, astfel ca orice alt dispozitiv cu acces la internet va permite sa accesati acea interfata si sa trimiteti mesaje fara probleme.

  Remote Messages 2 (iOS 6+) este disponibil la pretul de 2.5$ in repo-ul BigBoss al Cydia pentru o perioada limitata de timp.

Requires iOS 6. Remote Messages is a browser based front-end for the iOS Messages application.

Features include:

  • SMS and iMessage support
  • File/media attachments
  • Full Emoji support
  • Typing notifications
  • Contact pictures
  • Custom Themes
  • Phone status icons
  • Uses Contacts database
  • SSL Support and username/password authentication
  • Utilises WebSockets for perfect synchronisation with device
  • Runs as a background service with a small memory footprint
  • Supports iPhone 3GS-5, iPad 1-3, iPod Touch 3-5
  • Built and optimised for Google Chrome, also supports Firefox and IE 9+
  • Also includes SBSettings toggle

Installation instructions:

  1. Install Remote Messages 2 from BigBoss on Cydia.
  2. Before starting, respring your device if Cydia has not done so already.
  3. Navigate to “Remote Messages” in Settings.
  4. Set the username and password you wish to use.
  5. Slide the toggle to start the server. Allow a few seconds for this to complete.
  6. Connect to Remote Messages via your device’s IP address and chosen port.