Breathometer iti spune alcoolemia in timp real, iti cheama un taxi (Video)



  Breathometer este un nou accesoriu cu ajutorul caruia putem afla rapid daca am consumat prea mult alcool si avem o alcoolemie care ne impiedica sa ne urcam la volan. Dispozitivul se conecteaza in portul audio de 3.5 mm al iPhone-urilor, are un senzor in care trebuie sa suflam, iar in cateva secunde iPhone-ul, cu ajutorul unei aplicatii speciale, ne va spune ce alcoolemie avem. Aplicatia pentru iPhone va putea suna automat si un taxi in cazul in care avem alcoolemia prea mare, insa nici aceasta functie nu este chiar unica pentru accesoriile de acest gen.

Breathometer™ is The World’s First Smartphone Breathalyzer! While designing Breathometer, we strove to create a sleek product that blends seamlessly into your everyday life. Built with your lifestyle in mind, the device has a compact design that fits into the palm of your hand and easily on a keychain. The Breathometer device connects to your iPhone or Android device via the audio jack. Setting up Breathometer is easy. Download the app, connect the device and blow. Breathometer securely tracks your activity to make sure your Blood Alcohol Concentration (BAC) is heading in the right direction. It tracks your past results so you can be sure to allow for the proper amount of time to pass before you think about getting behind the wheel.

  Breathometer este deocamdata doar un proiect al Indiegogo si cauta o finantare de 25.000$ pentru a ajunge in mainile utilizatorilor, toti cei care doneaza o suma minima pentru finantarea sa primind un aparat de la producatori.