Circon schimba forma iconitelor din iOS


  Circon este o noua tema pentru iDevice-urile noastre, iar cu ajutorul ei putem schimba forma iconitelor din iOS. Practic dezvoltatorul temei s-a gandit ca iconitele pastrate nu reprezinta ceea ce isi doresc utilizatorii, asa ca a hotarat sa faca toate iconitele din iOS rotunde, iar imaginea de mai sus prezinta cat se poate de bine intregul sau concept. Dupa instalarea temei veti face rotunde toate iconitele disponibile in iDevice-urile voastre, iar iconitele unor aplicatii terte nu vor scapa fara a fi modificate automat.

Circle icons, getting the name Circon. Gives a modern look. It’s simple but quite amazing theme. Will be including all other packages soon. This theme package will include springboard icons, auto masking for App store apps, preference icons, preferences auto masking for App Store apps, folder background, NC background. If you have Auxo, this has something for it. Toggles and auto masking for App store Apps. Also, you will have a tweak for the folders. It will be a 2×2 grid of the apps in the folder (please see screenshots). 2×2 folder layout created by @KShizoku. Configure Circon theme in winterboard settings, and enable/disable 2x2Folders according to your preference in settings app.

  Circon este disponibila in repo-ul ZodTTD & MacCiti.