Faded Camera Wallpaper afiseaza in Springboard imagini capturate folosind camera frontala a iDevice-urilor


  Faded Camera Wallpaper este un tweak lansat in cursul acestei nopti in Cydia, iar cu ajutorul sau putem afisa in Springboard imaginea capturata de camera frontala a iDevice-urilor noastre. Tweak-ul a fost conceput pentru a afisa imaginea peste wallpaper-ul setat in Springboard, iar din imagine observati ca ea are un nivel de transparenta ridicat, astfel incat sa nu ascunda complet wallpaper-ul. Imaginile sunt afisate in timp real, deci practic va veti vedea fata in timpul utilizarii terminalul si aceasta este intreaga idee din spatele utilizarii tweak-ului.

Spice up your SprinBoard Wallpaper with this tweak, this tweak add the front facing camera ontop of your wallpaper with a nice fade to it so it mosly clears out the background and only has you in in wallpaper, with diffrent wallpapers you choose to have will all look diffrent effect wise. This was just a little experment, and though i know people out there would like this. though it might not be for everyone prefence, but atleast somthing cool to show your friends. Works on all devices with a camera.

  Faded Camera Wallpaper este disponibil gratuit in repo-ul ModMyi al Cydia si functioneaza cu toate iDevice-urile care au camera frontala.