STREET FIGHTER IV este disponibil la pret promotional in App Store


  STREET FIGHTER IV este unul dintre populare jocuri lansate in App Store de catre compania Capcom, iar incepand de astazi el este disponibil la pret promotional pentru toti posesorii de iDevice-uri. Daca numele nu va este cunoscut deja, atunci va spun ca jocul este construit cu un gameplay care are in prim-plan luptele de strada, iar voi trebuie sa va alegeti luptatorii si sa castigati diverse lupte pentru a deveni cel mai bun luptator si a va lauda in fata prietenilor.

Playing Is Believing!

Street Fighter 4 delivers the first true fighting game on iPhone. This uncompromising fighter features all the visceral thrills, fantastic graphics and brilliant gameplay that are hallmarks of the series. Long time Street Fighter fans can jump into the action and have an instant familiarity with the controls. For more casual players Street Fighter 4 features numerous settings and tutorials that put you on the path to world warrior.

Oh, and did we mention MULTIPLAYER. Street Fighter 4 supports head-to-head arcade play over Bluetooth!

  STREET FIGHTER IV este disponibil pentru o perioada limitata de timp la pret minim in App Store, insa a fost dezvoltata special pentru iPhone/iPod Touch.

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Developer: CAPCOM Co., Ltd
Categoria: Games

Descriere: Kick back and enjoy pre-summer savings with Capcom’s SUMMER Kickoff SALE! An awesome game for a fantastic price. For limited time only. Get it today.

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