SnappyCam Pro poate inregistra pana la 60 de poze pe secunda direct de pe iPhone


  SnappyCam Pro este o aplicatie disponibila de ceva vreme in App Store, iar functionalitatea sa nu trebuie trecuta cu vederea. Aplicatia are implementat un sistem burst shot care ne permite sa inregistram pana la 3600 de poze pe minut, chiar daca efectuam un zoom de 6x pe subiectii doriti. Aplicatia are disponibile extrem de multe optiuni, permitand modificarea dimensiunii pozelor, ratei la care acestea sunt inregistrate si ne permite inclusiv sa setam ca aplicatia sa inregistreze cate o poza pe ora timp de mai multe ore.

With SnappyCam, you hold the shutter button to take a burst of photos, so you’ll never miss the perfect shot. Imagine a living, breathing photo, like a flip-book. Pick the best and toss the rest, or capture every detail, every gesture. It’s fast: up to an incredible 3,600 photos/minute! Never miss the shot. Get more natural, better framed photos. No more posing! Incredibly fast, up to 60 pictures/second † and configurable down to 1 picture/hour for time-lapse photography.Forever hold the shutter button and be sure that the most recent burst of shots are recorded. No need to guess when to start pressing the shutter button. Shoot at regular 4:3, widescreen 16:9, square 1:1, or many more aspect ratios.

Digital zoom at up to 6.0x magnification. Unlike other apps, we provide pixel-perfect lossless zoom that’s blazingly fast. Our exclusive digital signal processing (DSP) engine is capable of high-speed photography at full sensor resolution on most devices, up to 8Mpx. On iPhone 5, SnappyCam shoots 8Mpx shots at an incredible 20 pictures/sec. Up to 12 pictures/sec at 8Mpx on iPhone 4S. That’s 3-6x faster than every other camera app on the planet, across every smartphone device and platform, not just iOS.

  Mai mult decat atat, aplicatia este capabila sa inregistreze poze la rezolutie de 8 megapixeli chiar si cu zoom de 6x, in aceasta situatie doar 20 de poze pe secunda putand fi inregistrate pe iPhone 5 si 12 poze pe secunda pe iPhone 4S. SnappyCam Pro este o aplicatie extrem de interesanta si avand in vedere pretul minim, poate merita incercata.

Pretul initial:
SnappyCam Pro – Fast Camera for Amazing High Speed Burst Action Living Photos



Developer: John Papandriopoulos
Categoria: Photo & Video

Descriere: ~ Q: The secret to better photos
~ A: Rapid, fast shots. Like a pro.
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Dimensiunea aplicatiei este: 9.0 Mb