AppSwiper aduce un nou mod de a inchide aplicatiile din iDevice-uri (Video)



   AppSwiper este un tweak lansat in cursul acestei seri in Cydia, iar cu ajutorul sau putem inchide complet aplicatiile din iDevice-uri intr-un mod cu totul nou. Cand spune complet, ma refer si la inchiderea din background, acest lucru fiind in mod normal posibil doar prin task switcher. Folosind AppSwitcher toate aplicatiile active in background sunt marcate in Springboard cu o bara albastra iar efectuarea unui swipe in dreptul lor le va inchide complet, utilizatorii avand posibilitatea de a alege daca sunt intrebati in legatura cu actiunea sau nu.

With AppSwiper you will have the simplest, best integrated, way of controlling exactly which applications get to stay ‘alive’ in your devices’ RAM. After you install this tweak, every single application that is running (in the background or foreground, as long as it’s not dead) will be visibly obvious to you on your home screen. As soon as an application gets loaded into your RAM memory, a colorful bar image view is placed under the name of that application on your home screen. This turns into a visual indicator of every single application that’s ‘alive’ and left in memory. The color bar does not go away until that app is ‘killed’, which is when it’s unloaded from your RAM and frees up that space.

  Metoda de inchidere a aplicatiilor din Springboard se aplica inclusiv in task switcher, toate aplicatiile putand fi inchise extrem de rapid si usor. Tweak-ul nu poate inchide aplicatiile Phone sau Mail, ele ruland incontinuu in background, insa restul aplicatiilor native sau terte intra subt incidenta sa, asa ca il puteti utiliza fara probleme. AppSwitcher este disponibil la pretul de 0.99$ in repo-ul BigBoss al Cydia si este compatibil cu toate iDevice-urile.


  • Turn confirmation alert off to make a swipe instantly kill an app. (on by default)
  • Choose from 8 different colors for the bar view which indicates a running application
  • Change the opacity of the color bar to make it more/less intrusive on the look of your home screen
  • Turn the ability to swipe and kill apps quickly, off, in the app switcher bar
  • Retina display graphics/Integrated animations
  • More features coming soon!