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  Acum exact o saptamana de zile compania Chair Entertainment a lansat Infinity Blade III Soul Hunter update in App Store, iar din cursul noptii trecute versiunea 1.1.1 este disponibila pentru download. Compania dezvoltatoare a jocului listeaza changelog-ul versiunii anterioare si pentru update-ul lansat noaptea trecuta, deci vorbim cel mai probabil despre unele modificari minore care rezolva probleme de functionalitate si imbunatatesc performantele, ele nefiind indeajuns de importante pentru a fi mentionate.


  • New quest, location, and enemy: Travel to the Metius Observatory to face the Deathless Bloodmage known as Oslim, on your quest to hunt down the missing Infinity Weapons. 
  • Over a dozen new items for both Isa and Siris, including magic rings, weapons, shields, helmets, and armors to collect, master, and sell. 
  • New Explore feature! Return to unlocked areas for additional loot and XP. 
  • 3 all-new Goals, and additional Goal tiers. 
  • Official kick-off of new ClashMob mode: Trials. 
  • Halloween Holiday Helm – for Isa and Siris. 
  •  Fully compatible with iOS 6 and iOS 7. 
  • Adjustments to potion, gem, and forge times based on user feedback + gain more time for completing quests. Purchase additional slots in the Gem, Potion, and Item Upgrade Forges. 
  • Ability to skip end cinematic, credits, and tutorial section once the game is beaten. 
  • Adds support and optimization for new iPad and iPad Mini, featuring full screen anti-aliasing, bloom, full screen vignettes, distortion, high resolution shadows, and environmental reflections. 
  • A number of additional balancing tweaks, bug fixes, and gameplay enhancements for all players. 
  • Recommended: Update device to the latest iOS version, and restart device before playing.

  Infinity Blade III este disponibil sub forma unei aplicatii universale in App Store.

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**USA TODAY: 4 out of 4 – “Another fantastic epic!”
**TOUCH ARCADE: 5 out of 5 – “ChAIR raises graphical bar to low earth orbit”
**IGN: “A gorgeous, intense, and rewarding adventure!”
**MODOJO: “The bi…

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