Prima Pagina aplicatii iBlank for iOS 7 te ajuta sa-ti generezi diverse forme in Springboard...

iBlank for iOS 7 te ajuta sa-ti generezi diverse forme in Springboard folosind iconitele aplicatiilor


  iBlank for iOS 7 este versiunea pentru iOS 7 a celebrului tweak iBlank, el permitandu-ne sa generam “spatii goale” in Springboard-ul iDevice-urilor noastre. Aceste “spatii goale” sunt defapt iconite transparente care ne permit sa folosim restul iconitelor aplicatiilor pentru a genera forme interesante in Springboard, iar imaginea de mai sus este cea mai buna dovada a acestui lucru. iBlank inlocuieste iconitele aplicatiilor voastre, asa ca daca in viitor veti dori sa dezinstalati tweak-ul, nu uitati sa-i folositi optiunea de a restaura iconitele vechi.

THIS VERSION OF iBLANK WORKS ONLY WITH iOS 7. IF YOU ARE USING AND OLDER VERSION OF iOS PLEASE DOWNLOAD THE PREVIOUS VERSION. iBlank continues to be the be the only FREE solution for creating blank icons. iBlank will let create an unlimited amount of blank, transparent and completely invisible icons that can be used to create custom springboard layouts. The icons are created simply by pressing a button. Once they are created they can be positioned or removed like normal iPhone,iPod or iPad icons. This version is iOS 7+ compatible and works with all iOS devices.

  iBlank for iOS 7 este disponibil gratuit in repo-ul ModMyi al Cydia.