Prima Pagina aplicatii Archangel – un Diablo pentru iOS (Video)

Archangel – un Diablo pentru iOS (Video)



  Desi Diablo nu pare sa fie pregatit pentru vreo lansare pe platforma iOS, in App Store si-a facut totusi aparitia Archangel, un titlu care incearca sa aduca un gameplay oarecum asemanator. In clipul video de mai sus aveti prezentat titlul disponibil in momentul de fata in App Store, iar rolul vostru va fi de a intra in “pielea” unui arhanghel care este eroul principal intr-o lupta epica dintre fortele binelui si cele ale raului. Dupa cum puteti vedea si in clip, totul este controlat folosind gesturi, iar magia este cea care va ajuta sa va infrangeti dusmanii.

The forces of evil are mobilizing in defiance of heavenly rule. As an Archangel your task is not merely to halt their rise – you must inflict a justice so brutal and uncompromising that none will ever again defy the will of Heaven. Black Tower Studios and Unity Games conjure visceral action tailored for touch in this epic clash between good and evil.


  • Embody the Angel of justice and retribution – a celestial being of certain conviction driven by moral absolutes.
  • A true gesture & touch based control system designed to give unparalleled control.
  • Crush, freeze, pound, cut, immolate and even resurrect fallen foes to fight against their fellow sinners.
  • 30 levels of intense, martial and spell-casting action.
  • Over 100 items to collect, some with unique spells and abilities to add to your repertoire.
  • Wager hard-earned spoils at the end of each level for even more treasure—or risk losing it all.
  • Achievements to unlock and Leaderboards via GameCenter.
  • Have progress automatically saved via iCloud and continue your game on any of your devices.

  Archangel ne pune la dispozitie nu mai putin de 30 de nivele cu 100 de obiecte care pot fi colectate, aplicatia salvand automat progresul nostru in joc prin intermediul iCloud. Archangel este disponibil in format universal in App Store.

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Developer: Unity Technologie…
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Descriere: “…comparable to a Diablo of the modern world. I would definitely recommend this for someone…waiting for the new Dark Souls game.”

“The game boasts graphics on par with console titles.”
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The forces of evil are mobilizing in…

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