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  iFiles este un utilitar foarte interesant, disponibil de ceva vreme in App Store, iar prin intermediul sau puteti administra fisierele disponibile in iDevice-urile voastre. Spre deosebire de iFile, iFiles nu poate accesa decat fisierele pe care voi le copiati, cu ajutorul iTunes, in aplicatie, insa aceasta este o limitare impusa de catre Apple. Chiar si asa, folosind aplicatia puteti pastra mereu cu voi tot felul de fisiere, le puteti trimite rapid prin email sau mesaje, le puteti arhiva, deschide in aplicatii sau le puteti incarca oriunde pe web, aplicatia fiind utila chiar si pentru a deschide arhivele primite prin email. La final va spun ca aplicatia poate genera in web server prin care puteti da oricui acces la fiserele din aplicatie, si ca prin Bluetooth sau Wi-Fi puteti partaja rapid fisiere catre utilizatorii ce folosesc aceeasi aplicatie.

iFiles is the most intuitive file manager for iOS with features like connectivity to many file cloud services, transferring files between computer or cloud services, ability to view many file formats (PDF viewer now supports annotations, search and more), voice recorder, web downloader, text file editor and more. Supported Online Cloud Services and Protocols: Dropbox, Google Drive, iCloud, Box.net, SkyDrive, SugarSync , FTP/FTPS, SFTP, Flickr, Picasa, Facebook, Rackspace CloudFiles, CloudApp, PogoPlug, WebDav, Amazon S3, Ubuntu One Files, ownCloud, 4Shared, also using Amazon S3: DreamObjects and UltiCloud.

Key Features:

  • WEB DOWNLOADER – Download files from the web using the build in Web Browser or Safari using iFiles Bookmarks. (HTML5/YouTube Videos are now supported)
  • EMAIL – Send documents as email attachments directly from iFiles using iPhones email accounts or links to files stored in the cloud. (given service supports this feature)
  • VOICE RECORDER – Use iFiles build-in voice recorder to create voice notes.
  • POPUP MENU – Tap and hold on file to display context popup menu with file operations.
  • PROPERTIES -View and change folder and files properties: color label, icon, and rename. For services with supported API you can edit: comments, description, tags/keywords, privacy, copy/generate links.
  • SHARE FILES – Share files with other iOS users of iFiles over Wi-Fi or Bluetooth.
  • PDF VIEWER – Viewer now supports annotations, full-text search, bookmarks, highlighting, saving directly to a cloud service and more.
  • SECURE – If cloud services uses username and password they are stored using iOS Keychain, Remote access to your device can be secured with password, and device can be locked using passcode. (Your information is never send to any outside service)
  • FILE OPERATIONS – Move, Copy, Rename, Delete, and create New Folders (Operations are supported for all cloud services given that service API supports it)
  • ZIP/EXTRACT – Create archive files and unarchive many common archive formats: Zip, RAR, 7-zip, Tar, Gzip, and Bzip2.
  • TRANSFER MANAGER – Download, upload and transfer files directly between services without required to first download then upload files. Transfers support background mode and will resume if application is closed.
  • EASY UPLOAD – If your creating voice recording, importing photos or creating a text file, iFiles will automatically upload to the current location no matter if its local or remote.
  • CLIPBOARD PASTE – Paste text and photos/images directly to current folder.
  • OPEN IN – Open files in apps that support those file types.
  • PRINT – Print files using AirPrint.
  • TEXT FILES – Create and edit plain text files. (Locally or directly in the cloud)
  • PHOTO IMPORT – Take Photos, record movies or import from your Photo Library. (Multiple selection support is coming in next update)
  • MEDIA PLAYER – Playback audio and video files.
  • THUMBNAILS – Thumbnails are generated for local files: photos, videos and pdf files, thumbnails are displayed for cloud service if its supported.

  iFiles este disponibila la PRET REDUS in perioada urmataore si ar fi bine sa profitati de ocazie pentru a cumpara aplicatia la un pret mic deoarece nu se stie cand  o vom mai avea disponibila intr-o maniera asemanatoare.

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Developer: Tom Biel
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Files is the most intuitive file manager for iOS with features like connectivity to many file cloud services, transferring files between computer or cloud services, ability to…

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