Apple anunta cea mai buna aplicatie a saptamanii in App Store




  In cursul acestui inceput de weekend compania Apple a actualizat promotiile disponibile in App Store pentru aplicatii, asa ca vorbim despre cea mai buna aplicatie a saptamanii promovata in sectiunea Editor’s HoiceTable Tennis Touch este aplicatia aleasa de catre compania Apple, ea fiind lansata in cursul zilei de joi in magazinul sau, fiind un joc dedicat pasionatilor de tenis de masa si nu numai. Cu un motor grafic bine gandit, jocul ne ofera posibilitatea de a concura in diverse evenimente concepute de catre dezvoltatori, scopul final fiind de a deveni cel mai bun jucator de tenis de masa din aplicatie.

We also love games with awesome arenas, epic career modes and insane mini-games – so we made Table Tennis Touch, the most advanced table tennis game on the App Store. If you’re like us and want simple controls, eye melting speed, crazy spin and rich retina graphics then we’ve made Table Tennis Touch for you too.

Jocul are disponibile o gama variata de locatii in care se desfasoara toate sesiunile de joc, este prezentat ca fiind cel mai complex si mai avansat joc de acest tip din App Store si la o prima vedere chiar pre a fi. Table Tennis Touch ne ofera oportunitatea de a controla 10 dintre cei mai populari jucatori de tenis de masa, iar sistemul de control prin atingeri este cat se poate de bine gandit pentru un asemenea titlu.

GREAT VALUE – We’re tired of spending money on games so easy you finish them in an hour. Our epic Career mode is certainly designed to last. It starts out gently but builds to near impossible speed – will you ever beat the Chinese king of spin Kao Jianjun? Prove yourself!
MORE FUN – Tournaments are great and we have lots of them, but we’ve also made some insane mini-games. Go against the clock knocking down skittles, serving around moving obstacles, returning spin onto tiny-tables and much more. Our half table might just be the toughest game you play this year!
SOMETHING FOR EVERYONE – We want everyone to enjoy our game. We made some opponents so easy a monkey could beat them and others so hard you may never win, ever. Are you smarter than a monkey?
QUICK GAME – Short on time? Take on our 10 favourite players in Quick Game mode. Or turn that dial up to 11 and take on Kao himself. You’ll need killer spin to win!
BRING IT – We made Table Tennis Touch for people who love table tennis, who love quality and who love a challenge. If that’s you, bring YOUR best game to the table.

  Table Tennis Touch este disponibila in format universal in App Store.

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Table Tennis Touch



Developer: Yakuto Limited
Categoria: Games

Descriere: ** IMPORTANT ** – Requires at least iPad 2, iPhone 4s or iPod touch (5th gen) or newer.

We love table tennis!

We also love games with awesome arenas, epic career modes and insane mini-games – so we made …

Dimensiunea aplicatiei este: 240.3 Mb