Bridge Constructor Medieval – construieste poduri medievale intr-un nou joc pentru iPhone si iPad disponibil la PRET REDUS

  Bridge Constructor Medieval este un joc disponibil de aproximativ o luna de zile trecute in App Store si, dupa cum ii spune numele, el ne propune un gameplay destul de interesant. Mai exact, functionalitatea jocului este bazata pe posibilitatea de a construi poduri medievale care au rolul de a sustine armatele aliatilor vostru, sau care trebuie sa cedeze in fata inamicilor vostri.

Bridge Constructor Medieval turns back the clock a few centuries to the time of knights and castles. Build sturdy bridges to supply your city with provisions – or cunningly constructed bridges that collapse under the weight of attacking troops, sending the horde of enemies into the abyss below. You won’t even be safe from cannon fire in the 40 brand new levels. Protect your foot soldiers and your horse-drawn carriages with covered bridges and stable pillar structures.

There are a total of five materials available to help you build the perfect bridge: wood, heavy wood, stone and ropes, along with the new addition of the bridge roof. The exciting background story allows you to familiarize yourself with the various materials on a step by step basis, and learn everything you need to know so that your bridges meet the requirements of the different levels. Innovative game modes in store for you!

  Jocul ne ofera 40 de nivele special create si diverse optiuni pentru construirea fiecarui pod, deci vom avea parte de o experienta de joc destul de interesanta. Bridge Constructor Medieval este disponibil in format universal in App Store.

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Dive into the Middle Ages and play the successor to the worldwide #1 hit, Bridge Constructor

Bridge Constructor Medieval turns b…

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