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Dream Revenant – un nou joc de aventura interesant pentru iPhone si iPad



  Dream Revenant este un joc lansat la sfarsitul saptamanii trecute in App Store pentru iPhone si iPad, iar dupa cum puteti vedea deja din imaginile acestui articol, vorbim despre un joc de aventura extrem de interesant. In el noi vom prelua controlul asupra unui barbat din Carson Hughs care trebuie sa desluseasca nu mister ce-l bantuie de mai bine de 40 de ani.

You are Carson Hughs, a man haunted by a forty-year-old mystery. Only now, on your deathbed, buried in the dreamscape of your own subconscious mind, can you confront and perhaps unravel the dark secrets of your past. But beware: all answers come with a price. Nearly 4 acres of fully open world exploration, including a variety of internal and external settings.

  Jocul are creata o lume virtuala imensa cu un motor grafic pe masura, iar in ea noi va trebui sa descoperim toate secretele trecutului personajului pe care il controlam. Jocul ne ofera cateva ore de gameplay si continut bonus care trebuie deblocat pe masura ce descoperim secretele personajului principal, deci vorbim despre un titlu care cu siguranta va va tine ocupati o buna perioada de timp.

And some secrets… are meant to stay buried. Dream Revenant presents a uniquely narrative gaming experience, featuring a massive open world environment, dramatic voice characterizations, and unparalleled graphic depth, optimized for the advanced capabilities of the latest Apple devices. A fully “living” world, featuring blowing grass, swaying trees, falling leaves, moving cloud shadows, ticking clocks, and more.

  Dream Revenant este disponibil pentru DOWNLOAD in format universal in App Store.

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Dream Revenant



Developer: BULKYPIX
Categoria: Games

Descriere: EXCLUSIVE LAUNCH PRICE ! Dream Revenant is at $1.99 for a limited time !

Dream Revenant currently works with iPhone 5 and iPad 4 and up only. Compatibility with other iPhones and iPads will be rectified very soon with an update. If you experience issue…

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