Pirate Legends TD este disponibil GRATUIT in App Store


  Pirate Legends TD este un tower defense despre care v-am vorbit cu aproape doua luni in urma, cand a fost lansat in App Store, iar astazi va spun ca il puteti descarca GRATUIT din App Store. Jocul are in centru o corabie de pirati pe care voi trebuie sa o protejati folosind diverse turnuri si sa va aparati de marina britanica, care incearcas a va scufunde.

Are you ready to set sail and blow some salty sea dogs to smithereens? Scour the world in this amazing new nautical strategic defense game – Welcome to Pirate Legends exclusively on iPhone and iPad! With stunning visuals and hours of pure enjoyment, Pirate Legends delivers the most unique strategic defense experience that loot can buy.  Sail your ship through a tropical paradise as you defend yourself from waves of the mighty British Navy, hunger-infested cannibal tribes, and the restless undead horde. 

Journey and plunder the seven seas with tower upgrades, tech improvements, hero deployments and superpowers!  As the Pirate captain, you’ll need to create a variety of defensive strategies to protect your loot from waves of attacking enemies. Fire off your ship’s cannons, deploy devastating defenses like the Shaman Tower, or unleash the Kraken to devour them whole! Collect spoils of gold from your warfare and use them to upgrade your defenses! Lead your ragged band of pirates in their quest for power and riches.

  Veti avea valuri peste valuri de nave britanice care va vor ataca constant, iar voi va trebui sa ganditi cele mai bune strategii de amplasare a turnurilor pentru a reusi sa le distrugeti inainte de a fi distrusi la randul vostru. Pirate Legends TD este disponibil pentru DOWNLOAD GRATUIT in format universal in App Store.

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Pirate Legends TD



Developer: Super Hippo Studi…
Categoria: Games

Descriere: “Game of the Year” Appys 2013
“Its animation is stunning, and the units you’re fighting with and against are positively dripping with imaginative design touches.” Pocket Gamer
“Theres just so much to do at any given time in Pirate Legends that it breath…

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