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Star Horizon – un space shooter disponibil la PRET REDUS pe platforma iOS (Video)



  Star Horizon este un joc lansat in cursul acestei saptamani in App Store-ul companiei Apple, iar dupa cum puteti vedea deja din clipul video de mai sus, vorbim despre un space shooter extrem de interesant pentru platforma iOS. In joc voi veti avea controlul asupra lui John, un soldat al Federatiei galactice, rolul sau fiind de a explora intreaga galaxie pentru a descoperi lumi noi si a participa in lupte agresive cu bossii conceput de catre dezvoltatori pentru noi, acestea permitandu-ne sa avansam gradual in joc.

Play as John, a private in the service of the Federation. Focus on amusing story and dynamic battles. Journey through the cosmos, upgrade your ship, make important story decisions and have fun fighting those epic bosses! Grab your phone and play instantly. Your screen is your controller (virtual sticks? Yuck!)
Rescue your friends or obey the orders follow the storyline and make choices Don’t get shot – upgrade your ship with in-game currency (no IAP!) and weapons to finish your enemies in multiple astonishing ways.

Federation is about to turn the tide of the war but then things start to go wrong. Ellie puts John into hibernation for 1000 years. Now he will have to discover what really happened and maybe, but just maybe, save the galaxy.

  Star Horizon este disponibil in format universal in App Store-ul companiei Apple.

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Star Horizon



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Descriere: Please Note: Star Horizon requires an iPad2/iPhone 4s/iPod Touch 5 or above.

Star Horizon stands on its own as a title that is well worth playing. The visual splendor alone would be more than enough to ju…

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