Red Game Without A Great Name – un nou joc pentru iPhone si iPad


Red Game Without A Great NameRed Game Without A Great Name este un joc lansat in cursul noptii trecute pentru iPhone, iPad si iPod Touch-urile noastre, el avand menirea de a ne aduce un gameplay diferit fata de ceea ce am experimentat pana acum.

Conform dezvoltatorilor, in Red Game Without A Great Name vom avea controlul asupra unei pasari mecanice pe care va trebui sa o ghidam printr-o lume periculoasa in care ea va trebui sa evite obstacole si capcane folosindu-si capacitatea de a se teleporta in orice locatie.

The mechanical bird is flying through an unfriendly, Steampunk world. Help it avoid obstacles and deadly traps using its teleportation ability while picking up power-ups. Grab as many gears as you can to fully clear the level. The mechanical bird is a messenger carrying a secret message through a dangerous land in a Steampunk world that is very unfriendly to its inhabitants.

Pentru a depasi fiecare nivel din Red Game Without A Great Name va trebui sa culegem cat mai multe obiecte plasate in fata noastra, astfel ca va trebui sa aveti foarte mare grija la tot ceea ce se afla in fata pasarii voastre in momentul in care o veti controla in joc.

Pentru ca orice joc de acest gen are nevoie si de o poveste, pasarea mecanica din Red Game Without A Great Name este in realitate un mesager pe care voi va trebui sa il ghidati prin 60 de niveluri de actiune, astfel ca veti avea parte de o experienta extrem de interesanta.

Help him get through 60 levels full of deadly traps. Be wary of barbed wire, spikes, and moving objects, like windmill blades. The bird is flying by itself. You need to teleport in order to avoid obstacles and get to the end of each level. Touch the bird with your finger, swipe to the place you want to teleport it to, and release. The camera moves independently, scrolling through the level at a constant pace. Don’t let it loose you from its sight!

Red Game Without A Great Name este disponibil pentru DESCARCARE in format universal din App Store.